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Spring Reading Passages

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to add spring reading passages into the rotation. I always say I’d love to live somewhere that is warm year-round, but I do honestly also love the change in seasons. With each new season, you can switch out your materials used. I’ve got some new spring reading passages you can easily add into your lessons, as spring approaches!

Spring I am a Reader Passages

passages for spring

There are so many great themes that can be focused on with my spring I am a Reader passages. From the weather, to new vegetation, to activities done in the spring, students love reading each passage. Kids love making connections to characters in their texts. They’ll be able to do exactly that as they read these spring reading passagesWith 30 passages included, students will be thinking all about spring, all season long!

What are I am a Reader Passages?

If you’re new to my I am a Reader passages, you’ll see that they all follow the same format. I write them all with the same goal in mind: to build confidence in early readers. Students have the chance to apply their reading skills to each passage. You will find simple sight words, and decodable words throughout each I am a Reader passage. 

Each passage begins with practicing reading the sight words, as well as some more challenging words. Then students read the passage and answer the comprehension questions, in writing. Afterward, students will follow up with the focus words one more time, identifying and reading those words, in the passage.

How to use the I am a Reader Passages:

Teachers love using these I am a Reader passages in small groups, during independent reading time, or to send home for extra reading practice. 

Another simple way to use these is by putting them in a dry erase sleeve. Students can then complete the page and erase their work, before passing it on to the next student. This is a great way to save some paper, and increase engagement…because kids typically love dry erase markers!

passages for spring

No matter how you use these spring reading passages, just keep in mind that the goal is to have the reader do all the reading, with just a little guidance from you. Students love taking ownership of their work, and get so excited when they can read it all on their own!

St. Patrick's Day Reading Passages

In addition to my spring reading passages, I also have St. Patrick’s Day reading passages. Students not only like reading about seasons, but they also love to read about holidays, each month. 

Just like with the spring themes, kids are very entertained by the themes that come along with St. Patrick’s Day. I love that my I am a Reader passages provide kids with the chance to read about these holidays, and seasons, on their own. They take great pride in being fully capable of doing the reading!

spring reading passages


To make reading these passages even more engaging, you can provide students with St. Patrick’s Day themed materials. You can include special reading glasses, green jewelry, or green pointers, to put on while reading these passages. This helps keeps readers motivated and excited about reading.

These St. Patrick’s Day reading passages can easily be mixed into your March lessons, along with the spring passages!

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I am a Reader

Do you want to know a little more about the concept of my I am a Reader passages? This blog post provides more details about the passages, and how they can be used.

I also have two bundles that you may prefer, if you want to use these year-round. I have a seasonal bundle and a holiday bundle that will keep your readers practicing, with the same format, all year long. 

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