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Decodable Reading Passages for April

As you’re planning your literacy lessons for the month, you likely have early readers who are still heavily working on decoding, which is where my decodable reading passages for April can help! Take a closer look at these reading passages to use with your students working on decoding in April.


Holidays in April

There are several holidays in April this year. Ramadan, Easter, and Earth Day are all celebrated in April this year. Both Ramadan and Easter are “moving holidays” meaning they don’t always fall in April, but can be focused on THIS April.

I include Ramadan passages in my Holidays Around the World pack. As with all my I am a Reader passages, students love getting to learn about the topic by doing the reading themselves. This allows them to take pride in what they’re learning, while reading. The information they learn can then be shared with others, as a follow up activity.

My Easter Passages are all about bunnies and egg hunts, two things kids typically love! Since these are popular topics of conversations with kids, these passages are interesting to the readers. As we know, when things are interesting, people are more engaged. This is exactly what happens for early readers as they go through my I am a Reader passages!

If you own any of my reading passages, you know that I care a lot about saving the earth and often use the topic as a theme. I do this in my Earth Day passages, as well, in a simple format. The simple text allows readers to read about ways that they can help the earth. 


More passages to use in April

I know not everyone celebrates holidays in the classroom, so here are some more passages to use in April, that aren’t holiday themed. 

My spring themed decodable I am a Reader passages are perfect for your early readers. My Spring Level A-D Guided Reading Passages also work well with early readers. 

If you have more advanced readers, my Level E-J Spring Guided Reading Passages, or my Level K-M Spring Guided Reading Passages, will be useful!

You may also find that you have students reading at all of these levels. If so, my A-M Spring Guided Reading Passages Bundle has all you need!

You can read more about the setup of my I am a Reader Passages, to decide if they’re a good fit for your early readers! 

I also provide more details on my Spring Guided Reading passages here and here!

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