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5 Activities for Working on Blends

It is always good to switch up activities used for word work, which is why I am sharing 5 activities for working on blends. These activities focus on both blends at the beginning and ending of words, and will lead to increased engagement. They can easily be implemented, and repeated, when necessary. I hope you can use all 5 activities for working on blends!

Blends Activities

Blends activities can be simple to set up, and simple for the student to complete. The main goal with blends activities is to provide repeated practice with the concept of blends in words. 

5 Activities for Working on Blends:

  1. Say the word.
  2. Write the word.
  3. Sort the words.
  4. Switch the ending.
  5. Read the words, in context.
Say the word, Write the Word:
The first two blends activities can easily be combined. Students will choose an image and then state the word. Next they can mention what blend is in the word. Students can then write the word down. If writing the entire word is challenging, they can simply write down the blend they identified in the word. 
Check out the short video below to see these blends activities in action. 
Sort the Words:

For this blends activity, students will choose an object/image, and then sort it based on the location of the blend. Students should say the word aloud, and identify the blend in the word. They can then mention if the blend appears at the beginning of the word, or the end. Then, place the image under the correct category. They will continue this until all the images are sorted.

You can take this activity one step higher, for those that are ready. Add a sticky note that says “middle” and then students can place words with blends in the middle of the word, when sorting. 

activities for working on blends

Blends Word Work Activities

The last two blends word work activities can be done, regardless of the ability level of the reader. Readers benefit from seeing how words change with just simple switches of letters. It is also important that readers get to practice reading blends, in context. 


Switch the Ending:

In this blends word work activity, as seen in the video below, the beginning blend stays the same, giving the student multiple chances to read that specific blend. The second half of the word is being switched out. You can use real, or nonsense words, for this activity. The goal is for readers to repeatedly read the beginning blend, while also reading a new word, each time. 

You can provide a few words at first, and then have students make their own, with different endings.  

Read the Words in Context:

Readers always need time to read the words in context. This can be as simple as reading one sentence with just a few words, with one of those words having blends. It can also be an entire passage, or book, with a focus on blends. The passages may include beginning blends, or ending blends, whichever the student is currently working on. 

As students get more comfortable reading words in isolation, their confidence builds. They then apply their knowledge to passages and texts, which improves their reading overall!

blends activities

I hope you’re able to use these 5 activities for working on blends! You can also check out this post for more ideas on how to teach blends.  

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