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Happy Friday!

Oh my- it’s already Friday! I’ve been up to a lot this week…check it out:

1. Spring Break 
Well I have to say that this week has been quite wonderful- I’ve gotten lots done on my to do list each day, including reading and relaxing! The weather did not feel like spring this week, but I’m not even worried about that because I was at home all week! This might be wishful thinking, but summer doesn’t seem too far away knowing that spring break is basically over.

2. Mini ICE Presentation

Amanda and I have been so lucky to be doing lots of presentations in February and March for other teachers at various conferences. This time we hooked up with our favorite blogging buddy, Kristin, over at iTeach1:1 for a small conference held by ICE (Illinois Computing Educators). We presented all about how we use technology to engage our students in small group learning.  It was a blast and we had a very engaged, kind audience who was just as excited as us to implement technology into their classrooms!

Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.21.52+AM
Of course we had to bring some of our QR code packs as giveaways during the presentation because we know us teachers sure love anything free! 
Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.21.39+AM

3. Phonemic Awareness Fun
This is more from last week, but I didn’t share about it yet, so…I like to switch up our daily warm of phonemic awareness activities often because really to keep that kinda stuff exciting, it needs to be changed regularly! Recently I added in mini basketballs and soccer balls as well as our race cars that I pulled out from my phonemic awareness basket.

Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.43.30+AM

My little friends were very excited about  using these new materials while saying the sounds in words. All they do is roll the ball or scoot the car along the squares as they are saying the sounds. So fun!

Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.43.37+AM

Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.43.42+AM

4. Spring Time Centers!
As I said I’ve been busy checking things off my to do list this week, which included getting going on what I want to cover in the near future with my little friends. We’ll be busy reviewing digraphs, rhyming words, sight words, compound words, syllables and more! Hope my little friends will be so excited for the spring themed centers they won’t even notice they are practicing all these skills. 🙂
Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.46.56+AM
Whew- we definitely will need to take some time practicing contractions. Lots of our stories now just have them built right in and let’s just say it’s been a struggle to figure out the long version of each contraction, so we’ll be spending some time with this center next week, for sure!  
You can check out all this pack has to offer here!
Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.46.47+AM

5. Freebie!
One of my favorite things to do on Sunday mornings is check my email and read through the TPT newsletter- there’s just always so much amazing stuff in there! Last Sunday I was thrilled to see my Spring Writing with Blends pack show up in there.  You can grab it here!

Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.54.14+AM
There are blend cards with visuals included (perfect for ELLs) and then a writing page where your friends can practice writing sentences using these beginning blends spring words! 
Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.50.53+AM

Screen+Shot+2014 03 28+at+11.51.06+AM
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Have a great weekend!



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