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A Science Mentor Text (with a freebie) and Let’s Get Acquainted!

First up, I’m linking up with Collaboration Cuties for a science mentor text!
Science was a pretty big deal in our classroom when I taught kindergarten and now as a reading specialist I try to use non-fiction science texts in our read alouds to teach various reading strategies and work on comprehension.  
I love science non-fiction texts because I find that most of them are so very engaging with all the real pictures that are included.  One series that I love is the “Let’s Start Science” books on the five senses.  The books have great real-life pictures that the students like to talk about and the text is very informative in a easy to understand format.  There are even several quick activities included in each text that you can use to make your read aloud more interactive. 
IMG 1753
Screen+Shot+2013 04 22+at+2.15.22+PM
Here is a simple graphic organizer that you can use with your students.  I like to read these books and then apply what we know about our senses by going on a little hunt.  You can do this right in your classroom, through the halls of your school, on a walk outside, etc- all they have to do is fill out what they see, hear, smell, taste and feel.  Be careful with the taste one…might want to mention that they won’t have anything to put down there but maybe what they think they would taste. 🙂 Click the pic below or right here to download it.  I highly recommend checking out this set of books! 
Screen+Shot+2013 04 22+at+2.27.23+PM

And now…Let’s Get Acquainted! This week Flying into First Grade wants everyone to list their 3 favorite spots in their classroom, so here we go…

1. Our jellybean table- So I know this is really a kidney bean table, but in our room we refer to it as the jellybean table because really jellybeans are more fun than kidney beans. 🙂  This is one of my favorite spots because my little friends spend so much time here becoming super readers and almost everything we need to become super readers is right in hands-reach for us.

IMG 1772
2. Our little book nook- I love color and I love books, so this spot makes me happy! We don’t necessarily spend a ton of time in this spot since I only see my groups for 30 minutes and we are busy busy busy at the jellybean table, but I try to squeeze in a few minutes throughout the week to do some fun relaxing reading on this carpet too- they love snuggling up with a tiny pillow! 
IMG 0086

3. Our big bookshelf- As I said, I love love love books so of course I had to include our big bookshelf.  My goal for next year is to really get these books organized by levels and themes (this has been a goal for awhile, but really hoping it’ll actually happen this summer since we are going to be using Fountas & Pinnell even more next year), but for now I love to choose books for read alouds and my students love to choose books to read on their own from this shelf! We’ve also got some large pillows in the bottom shelf that my little friends get to pull out every once in awhile to get comfy while reading!

IMG 0085

Screen+Shot+2013 03 24+at+6.46.57+PMScreen+Shot+2013 04 07+at+1.04.48+PM

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Aylin Claahsen

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  1. These texts look great! Just found your blog through the text link up and am a fellow Illinois blogger (and a new follower). Will be back to read future posts!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  2. Great question- I'm not too sure, but I actually think that these might work with upper grades too if you're looking for a simple intro book set to the five senses! 🙂

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