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Books for October

Your Not So Typical Titles

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For many students, October is all about Halloween. Are you looking for some new books to add into your rotation for the month? I came up with a list of books that aren’t totally related to Halloween, but still perfect for the weeks leading up to it. These books are extra engaging and entertaining for kiddos. 

The concepts included in many of these books relate to Halloween, indirectly. However, the “scary” themes aren’t actually scary, but make for great read alouds!

Monsters and Ghosts, Oh My!

The illustrations in both of these books captivate readers. The characters include ghosts, monsters and others. Kids love listening to what these characters are up to. 

Discussing the characters and how they react at different points in the stories is a great way to involve your kiddos in the read aloud. You can make a list of emotions experienced by all the different characters. Then you can discuss how the kids felt while listening to the story as well. See if they make connections to their own Halloween experiences, on their own!

A Little Scary...and Creepy

While these books have scary or creepy in the titles, they’re more enjoyable than terrifying! While reading the stories, you can discuss and make a list about how the books are scary or creepy. Follow up with a chart showing who thought the book was scary and who didn’t. These books are sure to get some laughs out of your kiddos!

What books do you love to read in the month of October? 

Happy Reading!


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