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Winter Word Work

Literacy Ideas for Winter

The weeks leading up to, and following, winter break can be tough. Kids are all very excited about the holidays and are typically more cooped up inside. One way to keep their engagement up is to use your same main literacy materials, in new ways.

"Snow" Center

I love these white and sparkly pom poms to imitate snow. Add in your sight word cards or task cards and a tool that can be used to grab the cards. Now students will be extra excited to complete their center during the long winter weeks.

This is an easy center to use on repeat each week by simply switching out the cards used. I love the sight words which are free. Grab them here!

Snowy Sight Word Writing

I also love the “fake snow” you can turn into a literacy center. This is especially useful for students who need a more tactile experience to learn their sight words. 

Simply place sight word cards and bottle brush trees at the center. Students can then pick a tree and a word card. They will then practice writing the word in the snow, using the mini tree. 

The point is not to make the word appear perfectly in the snow, but rather for readers to experience writing the word. Seeing the word and then making it themselves will help the word stay in their memory.

Happy Reading!


Aylin Claahsen

Aylin Claahsen

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