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Going Digital with Guided Reading

Going 1:1 in the Classroom


I remember being so excited when the school I was working at a few years ago decided to go 1:1. I love technology and was looking forward to implementing it into my intervention groups. My students had both iPads and Macbooks, depending on the grade level. Sure there was a learning curve at first, but it was such a great experience! I ended up trying so many new activities with my group where their devices were used for engagement. From creating projects to using QR codes, we did a whole lot!

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Using Technology in Guided Reading Groups

After realizing just how effective the inclusion of a device could be, I decided to make my Guided Reading Passages into a digital format. The purpose of doing this was to make even guided reading groups fully digital! I knew Google Classroom was the perfect format for it since it allowed the lessons to be super interactive in a user friendly way. If you’re trying to do more completely paperless activities, these passages packs are perfect for you!

**I have a FREE sample of different levels for you to try out! You can download those links here.**

These digital passages work well on an iPad or computer. All you need is a free Google account and access to the Internet at your school. Once you have your free Google account, you can set up Google Classroom and then use these within Google Slides. You then simply share the file out to each of your students, so they each have their own copy to work with as they read the passages and complete their comprehension activities. (I include very specific instructions with screenshots within the file to help you get it all set up!)

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Take a quick look at all that’s included and how it all works in this short preview video:

Accessing Everything Right From Your Device

Both you and your students will access everything right from your devices! The passages can be read (in presentation mode) while the interactive comprehension activities can be completed in the non-presentation format. As students are reading their passages, the stories appear in a book-like format. They tap the screen to “turn” the pages of their book. The comprehension portions for each passage include moving around words/phrases/sentences and typing in text boxes or using the Google tools to draw pictures.

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Check out how you can use the passages and comprehension activities in these short videos:
Lower Elementary Levels:
Upper Elementary Levels:
Upper Elementary Levels Comprehension:

Lesson Plans on Your Device

As the teacher, you can pull each lesson up directly on your own device to lead each lesson. Each passage also includes a digital running record that you can complete right within Google Slides. You’ll simply be marking errors and writing notes on your device vs on paper. Everything is right there in front of you and already done for you! All you need to do is lead the group and encourage great discussions.

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Take a closer look at the lesson plans and running records in these videos:

Since these passages packs work in Google Classroom, once you’ve assigned all students their stories, readers have the chance to come back to their passages at any time. They can work on them with you during Guided Reading, on their own during Independent Reading or even at home if your students are allowed to take home their devices! (While working during Independent Reading time, students can be rereading previous stories they’ve read.)

You can check out all the different bundles and individual files for Levels Pre A-Z here! If you already own my Guided Reading passages (fiction), these passages are the same but in a completely new format. So, if you’ve been looking to take the plunge and dive deeper with technology- this is a great resource to use.

Don’t forget to try out the free samples here!


Happy Reading!

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