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Books to Build Your Community of Readers

I’ve stressed this from the very beginning of my blog writing days and I will continue to do so! It’s so important that readers feel like they are part of a reading community in your classroom. This not only builds confidence and excitement, but it also creates lifelong readers. I’ve come up with a new list of books that I recommend adding to your classroom library. Reading these books at the beginning of the year and then coming back to them throughout the year will help establish a community of readers! The main purpose behind reading these is to share a love of reading with your readers. These books all show a character interacting with books in a positive way, even if some struggle with the idea at first.

A community of readers is simply a place where everyone feels like a reader, is excited about reading and engages in discussions about what they read. If you don’t have these books yet, I recommend checking them out! Now, don’t think you need to actually purchase all these, except for your very favorite choices. As you’ll see, many of these I snagged from the library. Otherwise, Amazon and Scholastic Book Clubs provides many wonderful books.













It also helps to display these books in an inviting way so that readers are attracted to the books in the library. Even if these books are kept on your own shelf, make them visible to readers so they can get excited about the books! 
Ranting and raving about the books by keeping them on a list on a bulletin board is a constant reminder to students that books are SUPER important in your classroom! Showcasing particular ones as a “Book of the Day” or “Book of the Month” will grab your students’ attention as they see which books are selected for the day/week. You can check out these displays and labels here!
IMG 1640

IMG 1643

IMG 1647

IMG 1652
Hopefully I continue to convince you that sharing an enthusiasm for reading ALL the time in your classroom, is a must-do in your room too! Establishing a classroom community of readers benefits you and your students all year long. 

Happy Reading!

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