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Printable Fall I Am A Reader

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I have a fun new development to share with you all, today! You are already aware of this because of my Halloween set, but, wanted to make sure you’re aware! ‘I Am a Reader’ is now printable! And there is a new set for Fall available now! 

You may be familiar already with my Digital I Am a Reader sets. If you haven’t seen these before, check out this blog post here. Now, you can get the same I am a Reader passages in a printable single page format. I want to show you exactly what each page includes today, and give you some ideas of how you can use these in your literacy block.

What is i am a reader?

‘I Am a Reader’ is a reading passage series designed to boost confidence in early and emergent readers! It comes in printable (and digital) format, that is no prep and easy to assign.

Students prepare to read by saying that they are readers, and they are ready read. This exercise, paired with the reading activities, gives  students the opportunity to be successful with their reading. In turn, this boost confidence and helps them grow!

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Using Fall I am a reader in the classroom

The layout of Fall ‘I Am a Reader’ allows for all of the tasks that students will do with the text to be on a single page. This simple and clean design makes it easy for you to use this resource in a variety of ways. You don’t have to worry about prepping for hours or reading pages of teacher directions to understand how to get started. Simply print and begin teaching!

Guided Reading

These passages make for a great guided reading lesson with emergent or struggling readers. Each lesson follows the same structure. You will begin by reviewing high frequency words, read the text, then go back in the text and identify the answers to questions and find high frequency words. This rhythm makes for a great guided reading lesson anytime that you want to take a break from the curriculum or give some extra practice to a student.

RTI Lessons

Outside of typical guided reading lessons, I am a reader passages also Can be used as RTI lessons. If you have students in older grades who are still working on emerging reader skills, this resource is perfect. You will be hitting sight word practice, reading independently, fluency, and comprehension in a single page. This is a great RTI lesson for a first second or third grade student who is reading at a kindergarten level.

Extra Practice

Finally, I am a Reader lessons are a great way to get extra practice in for students who need it. The lessons themselves do not take long, and the texts are short and accessible for early readers. If you teach Kindergarten, you will find that these passages are leveled well for your students. If you have students who are ready to begin reading independently during center time, you can try introducing these passages as one of your literacy centers. Just make sure that your students do not reach a frustration level if they are working independently. The whole point of the I am a Reader series is to boost confidence. So, if your students don’t seem ready to read these alone, we don’t want to push them too soon!

You can check out the printable Fall I Am a Reader passages by clicking the link here. As mentioned above, I also have a printable set for Halloween! If you’re interested in the digital version, you can shop that bundle by clicking here! Happy teaching everyone!

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