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Fall Reading Passages

With just one look around the Internet or one scroll through social media, fall seems like one of the most beloved seasons. And why wouldn’t it be? Colorful leaves, pumpkins, and crisp fall air surround us. 


One of my favorite things about fall is that people aren’t just cozied up on the couch with a pumpkin latte. They’re also cozied up into the school year. By this point, students have settled into their routine. Everything feels like it’s in the right place after the whirlwind that is the beginning of the school year.

Now is the perfect time of year to introduce fall-themed activities. Especially fall reading passages that are always a hit with teachers and students alike. My Fall I Am a Reader Passages and Halloween I Am a Reader Passages are the perfect way to embrace fall in the classroom! Before you dive into these useful reading activities, let’s discuss how these decodable Fall reading passages cover a wide range of important reading concepts.

fall I am a reader passages

Benefits of I Am a Reader Passages

First, let’s touch on one important benefit of using the I am a Reader Passages. The concept of focusing on reading words in isolation and then reading them in context.  When students are able to read words in isolation, that means that they’re able to apply their knowledge of phonics to the word. Children are able to separate the word from the context and therefore “pull apart” the word to understand its meaning. Students who can read words in isolation can figure out a word’s meaning (think: prefixes and suffixes). In turn, they can also understand how words differ from one another.


When students are able to read words in isolation, they’re also able to become more fluent readers. This is because they’re familiar with phonics and stringing sounds together. This isn’t to say that learning words in context should be ignored, though. In fact, both approaches are beneficial when studied together.  Learning words in isolation helps students concentrate on the mechanics and inner workings of a word. While, learning words in context helps students understand the meaning of words and how they work to form an idea.


These fall reading passages also give readers a second chance to find the focus words again in the passage they read. This  reinforces the words they’re focusing on by having them read it twice. It also helps them practice reading and finding words in isolation. 


These activities are also great tools to give students practice keeping their eyes on the page. Sounds simple, right? You have to look at the word to read it! But actually, this is a difficult task for struggling readers. A child who doesn’t feel confident in his or her reading skills likely won’t find much motivation to keep their eyes on the page. When working with your students, remember to encourage them to keep their eyes on the paper so that they’re actually reading the words. Be careful not to offer too much encouragement so that they don’t always look to you as permission to move forward.  

Comprehension and Confidence!

fall literacy passages

These Fall I Am a Reader Passages and Halloween I Am a Reader Passages are great practice for comprehension, too. There’s a difference between a reader reading the words versus reading the words and reading for meaning. Being able to comprehend what’s being read is the essence of why we read. Whether it be a fictional story for enjoyment, to learn about the world, or reading a science or math textbook. The comprehension questions at the end of each fall reading passage will help demonstrate the students’ ability to read for meaning as independent readers. 


Perhaps most importantly, these passages will give your readers the confidence they need to look in the mirror and see themselves as a reader. Early reading confidence is key to turning good readers into great readers. When students have reading confidence in the early years, their future path is paved for them. This helps them take pride in their work and efforts and also encourages continued progress. With little notes of encouragement on each page, students will feel inspired and motivated to keep reading.


Because these passages cover an array of reading concepts, it gives them a chance to showcase their skills. Moreover, the I Am a Reader activities cover words in isolation, words in context, reading a story, and comprehension questions. Students will certainly find a spot on the page where they feel confident and comfortable.


What’s Included?

The Fall I Am a Reader Passages include 30 decodable reading passages written for early readers who are developing early reading abilities. Each passage comes with a story accompanied by word work, comprehension questions, and encouraging statements to instill confidence. These are particularly good for the kindergarten classroom. However, struggling readers will find these helpful in first, second, and even third grades. 


The Halloween I Am a Reader Passages include 10 enjoyable passages for early readers. Just like the fall passages, each one contains a story, word work, comprehension questions, and “you can do it” statements to encourage the young reader. These particular stories have been a hit, as many teachers love the high interest of these stories. One teacher mentioned that she “…used this with [her] intervention small group.  It was a high interest read for them.  They were able to feel successful and able to follow the text.”


If you’re in a holiday mood, grab my Holiday I Am a Reader Bundle so you can celebrate all year long!  Or, if you love celebrating all four seasons, grab my Seasonal I Am a Reader Bundle so you can have year-round reading fun!


Need More Info?

Take a look at my Fall I Am a Reader blog post and Halloween blog post as well for more details!


How is it possible that all of these important reading aspects possibly wrapped up into my I Am a Reader Passages?  Well, that’s just a little fall magic. 😉

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