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Halloween I Am a Reader: A Closer Look

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Are you looking for a resource that will engage your students? Are you looking for something seasonal and fun? What about a resource that boosts your readers’ confidence? The Halloween sets of ‘I Am a Reader’ are here, and they are perfect for your classroom! These digital and printable passages engage students with their seasonal themes, while also encouraging them as readers. Keep reading to get a closer look at ‘I Am a Reader’!

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Printable and Digital Formats

Halloween ‘I Am a Reader’ now comes in both digital and printable options! This allows you to use the option that best meets the needs of your students. Whether you are teaching in a hybrid model or are completely in person, you can use ‘I Am a Reader’ with great success!

Elements of I Am a Reader

Each ‘I Am a Reader’ passage begins with high frequency or sight word reading. The words listed at the beginning of each passage will also show up in the text, so this serves as a front-loading activity. It is so important that this reading experience helps your students feel confident rather than defeated. So, if they do not recognize one of the high frequency words at the beginning of the slides, feel free to help them! We want our students to have every chance to be successful with this text. This way, their belief that they are readers will continue to grow.

After reviewing high frequency words, it’s time to read! Students will read the brief text in its entirety. In the digital version, a short GIF will play celebrating their success as a reader. This fun animated video is an easy way to make your students feel excited about their accomplishments.

In the printable option, students will read a quick sentence that praises them for finishing the text!

After reading, it is time to answer some short comprehension questions. Students will also identify the high frequency words they read. These two tasks are further developing your students’ literacy skills.


Using Halloween I Am a Reader

This resource comes with so much versatility. You can use them as entire small group lessons, because one passage set targets comprehension, sight word fluency, reading fluency, and decoding practice. You also can use them as a small group or whole group reading lesson, then assign it for independent practice. Using these texts as repeated readings will further promote reading confidence in your students! The more chances they have to read the text, the easier it will all come to them.

Getting Started with I Am a Reader

You can get started with Halloween I Am a Reader today by grabbing the set of your choosing in my TPT store! Click here to take a look at the printable option. Head here to check out the digital passages. Your students will love reading these fun, Halloween-themed passages. And you will love how many skills you’re targeting without having to prep a thing!

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