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End of the Year Decodable Passages

As the school year winds down, it’s a great time to use end of the year decodable passages. The themes of the passages are enjoyable for students. As they get more and more excited for summer, may as well allow them to read about summer themes, themselves! Take a closer look at my end of the year decodable passages below!

Summer Reading Passages

summer reading passages

These summer reading passages are so fun to read, both for the teacher and the student. I think we all know that teachers love summer just as much as students! We also know that the more interested students are in a topic, the better they will do. 

Focusing on lots of summer fun in these reading passages, students will be eager to read each one. With 30 passages included, you’ll be set for the remainder of the school year. 

These summer reading passages can be done in:

  • small groups
  • independently
  • sent home for additional practice
  • summer school

Use Passages to Review

IMG 8611 jpg

Your students have worked hard this year and learned a lot so it’s a great idea to use passages to review what was learned. These end of the year passages allow students to show what they’ve learned. The simple format is easy to follow, while being meaningful. 

For each reading passage, students will:

  1. Practice reading the focus words (decodable and high frequency)
  2. Read the passage
  3. Answer the comprehension questions
  4. Complete a follow up word work activity
These passages will give students the chance to review concepts they’ve learned. They will also make them feel proud of what they can now do!

Decodable Reading Passages

end of the year activities

Decodable reading passages, like these, give readers the opportunity to break down words to their individual sounds, in context. I love using these because readers get to show their understanding of the phonics patterns they’ve already learned, while decoding the words. While some words may include patterns they haven’t focused on yet, a majority of the words will feel familiar to them. Whether its common high frequency words, or words with phonics patterns already studied, these end of the year passages set readers up for success!

If your school year isn’t ending that soon, you may want to first read about and check out my spring reading passages to use with your readers. Following those, you can move on to these end of the year and summer themed decodable reading passages!

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