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Phonics Based Review

It’s important to include phonics based review in your literacy activities. This can be done during word work activities, or within reading texts you are using. Phonics based review should include all the phonics patterns students have covered previously. I created phonics based review passages as a simple way to do exactly this. Read on to learn more about the word work and passages you can use for review!

Phonics Focused Review Passages

phonics focused review passages

These phonics focused review passages are great to use as a review of phonics concepts. Each phonics based reading passage includes specific focus words with different phonics patterns. There is also a follow up page include with word work, and comprehension questions. 

The overall goal of this resource is to assist readers in practicing their decoding skills. At the same time, they should be building their confidence in reading words with specific phonics concepts. 

Why do you need these passages?

To help students:
  • Review phonics patterns.
  • Practice decoding words, in context.
  • Identify words with specific phonics patterns.
  • Read passages with specific phonics patterns.
  • Respond to comprehension questions.
  • Build readers’ confidence.

I wrote these with first graders and second graders in mind. The phonics patterns included should all be covered by the end of first grade, allowing these to be a review. 

Since you just need to print, and make copies, these are ready to use, in all settings! They work well in small groups, whole group, one-on-one, or sent home. These phonics focused review reading passages also work for summer school lessons!

Who are these phonics focused review passages for?

  • Classroom teachers
  • Special education teachers with decoding goals
  • Reading specialists/interventionists/reading teachers
  • Classroom aides/assistants
  • Parent helpers
  • ESL teachers
  • Tutors
  • For homework/additional practice 

Using These Reading Passages

When using these reading passages, you can follow these simple steps, with each passage:

  1. Students will read the passage, using their decoding skills.
  2. Students will circle words that fit the specific phonics patterns, listed as the focus.
  3. Students will write down multiple words that fit each specific phonics pattern.
  4. Students will respond, in complete sentences, to the comprehension questions.

Another option for the passages:

You can first write the passage on chart paper, or display the passage on your interactive whiteboard. All students can then work together to find the focus words, before doing their own page. 


phonics focused reading passages 2

Knowing these passages are intended to be a review of phonics patterns, students should feel successful reading these. 

Students should feel comfortable decoding the text, and, finding words for each phonics focus category.

Grab your own set of Phonics Focused Review Reading Passages to print out and use ASAP!

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phonics focused reading passages 3
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