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Halloween CVC Words and Phonics Patterns Activities

I’m so excited to share these Halloween CVC Words and Phonics Patterns Activities with you. These phonics games and fluency activities are perfect to use all October long! These games are a fun way to develop phonics skills. You can use these in literacy centers, for small group instruction, during morning work, or for partner activities. These word work activities are simply printable resources that can be used right away. You’ll be able to differentiate the activities used for all your students by choosing the phonics pattern students are working to improve. While some students may be using the Halloween CVC words pages, other students who are more advanced can work on silent e words. If you’re looking for Halloween reading activities to use with your students, read more about the Halloween CVC words and phonics patterns activities below!

Using Games in Primary Classrooms

A fun game is a great way to engage students in primary classrooms, while also helping them improve their knowledge. These Halloween themed phonics games and fluency activities are a perfect way to get Kindergarten readers and students in first grade to practice their phonics skills. The themed game boards and themed CVC resources (and other phonics patterns) give students a chance to decode words in a fun way. An engaging Halloween theme goes a long way to excite students. So many kids just love all things Halloween, so we may as well lean into that! Students will decode words, sentences and short stories via the Halloween CVC words game board and fluency pages. 

When students are engaged in their activities, such as this CVC word game, their learning typically improves because they’re invested in what they’re focusing on. These Halloween phonics worksheets are such a fun phonics activity to use in literacy stations for your emergent readers. The printable pages can be used in a variety of ways, based on student needs. You can begin with the Halloween CVC words pages and then move on to sentence reading, short stories, and then the fun CVC word game. However, if you have students are well beyond CVC words, they can instead begin with a different phonics pattern. They’ll see sight words they recognize during the sentence reading and short stories activities. Your emergent readers will have so much fun focusing on simple phonetic sounds as they complete the game boards- one phonics pattern at a time!

Benefits of using games in the classroom

  • engagement
  • hands on learning
  • interactive
  • working with others
Knowing there are so many benefits to using games in your classroom, now’s your chance to begin!  Grab your Halloween Phonics Games and Fluency Activities to print out and use tomorrow!

Halloween CVC Words Games and Activities

The purpose of these Halloween CVC words and other phonics skills games and activities is to help students focus on phonics and fluency as they develop their early literacy skills. Students will practice decoding in isolation and in context, as well as enjoy playing a review game. Keep your students engaged during each holiday in small groups and literacy centers using these seasonally themed decodable phonics and fluency activities. Students will work on their decoding skills and building fluency with these activities. Beginning with words, then sentences, followed by short stories, and a board game, students will focus on building fluency as they work on decoding. Aligned to the Science of Reading, these activities will help your students make progress in their abilities to read.

I like to keep prep simple and quick. I’ve set these up so you simply have to print and use! Your literacy centers, small group instruction, morning work, or partner activities can be prepped and planned for in very little time, using these themed game boards and activities. 

These CVC games and all the other Halloween phonics worksheets included in this resource can be used with students in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. You’ll also be able to use them in your intervention groups, with special education students who have decoding and fluency goals, or your ELL. 

Phonics Patterns Activities

There are a wide variety of phonics patterns included for these Halloween themed activities. You’ll be able to differentiate with ease and no students have to worry about doing something different since the format is the same for each phonics pattern. You’ll simply find what each small group needs to work on and let them work at their current area of need, whether it is using the CVC word game, or the vowel teams game board, for example. Check out my free Phonics Quick Check Assessments if you’re not sure where to begin with each of your small groups. 

Phonics Patterns Included:

  • CVC words
  • Digraphs
  • Beginning Blends
  • Ending Blends
  • Added Endings
  • CVCe words
  • R-controlled Vowels
  • Vowel Teams/ Long Vowel Sounds
  • Diphthongs

Want themed game boards and fluency activities to use as a way to focus on phonics skills all year long? Grab the themed holiday bundle to use for different holidays throughout the school year. This will have you covered for all the major holidays from the beginning of the school year to the end!

More CVC Word Activities

These Halloween themed phonics games and fluency activities are a super fun way to focus on phonics skills in October. If you’re looking for more printable activities or word work activities, you’ll want to check out the links below!


Want more CVC words activities? 

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Simple CVC Words Focus Reading Intervention Mats These are a great way to develop those emergent reader skills specifically with CVC words!

Not sure which phonics skills to begin with for each of your readers? Check out these free Phonics Quick Check Assessments.

Want other Halloween reading activities? Your readers will love my Halloween I am a Reader Passages!

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