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Spring Literacy Resources

The weeks leading up to and following spring break, can be challenging, but it helps to have a collection of spring literacy resources ready. Working with readers at all different ability levels, I have a large variety of spring literacy resources to use. Focusing on the readers, I choose what best suits the readers. From spring themed close reading passages, guided reading passages, decodable passages, and writing prompts, I can help each reader!

Spring Close Reading

spring literacy resources

It’s great to focus on close reading activities all year long, but if you haven’t yet, you can begin with my spring close reading with these passages!

Close Reading is important because it helps students put a priority on comprehension, with specific focuses each time they read. It can be done during whole group read alouds, in small groups, or even as something that is practiced at home. 

In close reading activities, you provide specific focuses for each read, like I include in my spring close reading packs. This gives readers the chance to show their understanding of important ELA standards.

Want to learn more about close reading? I go further in depth about close reading to help you ensure you’re helping all your readers dig deeper. 

Spring Guided Reading

spring literacy resources

My Spring Guided Reading Passages are available for Levels Pre-A to M. Each passage comes with all you need to have a productive and meaningful small guided reading group with your readers. A lesson plan, running record, and comprehension questions take the stress out of planning, and running your groups. 

If you want to take a closer look at all that is included, this blog post is all about my spring guided reading passages!

Spring Decodable Passages

spring literacy resources

Not all of your readers may be reading for the spring guided reading passages, but they may be ready for my spring decodable passages

These decodable passages include a simple to follow format, for the reader. With a focus on decoding, and reading simple sight words, students feel successful as they make their way through the spring decodable passages. 

Read all about my spring decodable passages here!

Spring Writing Prompts

spring literacy resources

While I often focus on reading, writing is just as important to simplify for early writers, which is why I love using these spring writing promptsWriters have the chance to think about a spring themed prompt, draw and label a picture to respond, and then write about their picture. Breaking down writing to these three simple steps allows kids to take their time and not feel overwhelmed by simply being told to write. 

Take a closer look at how you can create a low-prep writing center, in a short amount of time here!

I hope these spring literacy resources help your weeks prior to, or after, spring break, simpler, and engaging for all your readers and writers!

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