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Non Fiction Fluency

Non fiction is a huge part of our daily lives, especially as adults. It’s important to prepare students for being able to read and comprehend non fiction, from an early age. Kids LOVE learning from non fiction text, so we may as well keep exposing them to it. This can be done in read alouds and through their own reading. Guided reading is a great time to focus on non fiction. I have non fiction passages for Levels Pre A-V that you can check out here. This is a great way to introduce non fiction text features and difficult vocabulary. Readers can also work on improving their ability to read non fiction through fluency folders. These work great in a small group center, partner activity or with an adult helper in your room. They can even be sent home for extra practice! I recently wrote new non fiction passages with a focus on fluency, for Levels A-V. Each passage also comes with written comprehension questions so that the student is not only working on fluency with non fiction, but also working on improving their comprehension of informational text. Take a closer look at my Non Fiction Fluency Passages below and here for Levels A-V, Kindergarten-5th Grade!
Fluency folders are a huge hit with readers. They took ownership of their own folders and love competing against themselves, trying to beat their previous score.
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Each passage includes a colorful version (that I recommend keeping all your copies of in a binder) and then a student version that stays in their folder. This one is for you to mark up and score each reading. Students can then use this copy to practice in between formal readings with you. They also do a quick self evaluation, marking off how their fluency was during their reading. When they’ve completed their three readings, they can make a goal for the following passage, in regard to fluency.

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The comprehension piece can also go in their fluency folder. It’s great to complete once the three readings are done because the reader will likely have gotten the furthest along with the final reading.

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IMG 6352
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These questions can also get asked verbally if you want a quick check of their comprehension. I provide a list of all the questions at the beginning of the pack, on one page, for your reference. Tracking sheets are also included. You can copy one for each student and keep it in your own binder. Then after each reading, you mark down their score. You can also mark down their completion of the comprehension questions, to refer back to later on. These tracking sheets are super helpful at RTI meetings or any team meetings where student progress is discussed.

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If using in a fluency center, I recommend including other tools to keep the readers engaged while they’re practicing! Fun pencils and markers for comprehension questions always work well. These little glasses from the party section at Target also make kids excited to read fluently. If you have a fun timer that you allow your kids to use, throw that into the bin too. Readers can set the timer for a minute and see how far they get!
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If you haven’t done a fluency center in your room yet, I highly recommend it! These are also super helpful in getting kids to improve their scores on fluency benchmark assessments or progress monitoring, if you do those. Grab my Non Fiction Fluency Passages here for Levels A-V, Kindergarten-5th Grade!
You can also grab my free binder covers, b&w and color, to get you organized!
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