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I See Readers Looking At Me: Engaging Word Work Activity

Here’s an idea that will help your readers become engaged during word work activities. This activity is perfect for Guided Reading, Morning Meeting or a center/partner activity. The best part is, once you set it up and show readers how the routine works, you’ll be set for the year!
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All you have to do is create this chart and then walk students through it.
You say: Teacher, Teacher, What do you see?
Then students reply: I see readers looking at me!
Next, you point to each word as students read them.
Once you’ve done it together as a group, it can be set up in a center or partner activity. For the center or partner activity, one student is the leader who gets to use the fun pointers! Then the rest of the students can use some sort of fun “reading glasses” or other engaging tool as they read the words. Students can switch roles so everyone gets the chance to be a leader and reader!
This activity is great for practicing sight words, letter names/sounds and special phonics patterns. I have a different theme for each month so you can simply create a new chart each month! 


I also created follow up pages for students to complete so they can practice the words all month long. You can send this home or simply have them keep it at school to practice whenever they get a chance! 

IMG 3341
I created a video to show you how to set it all up. You can download these free student pages and watch the video here!
Here’s a very quick video too which shows how to use the chart: 
(This is also part of the slightly longer video linked above!)
Happy Reading!
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