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Tips for Teaching Letters

Alphabetic Knowledge

Alphabetic knowledge is being familiar with the different letters’ names, sounds, and shapes. It is the primary focus on early literacy instruction, and lays the foundation for reading! As students can identify letter names and sounds fluently, they can then begin blending sounds. This eventually leads to reading words! I believe teachers should be armed with a wide variety of alphabet activities to engage all students in their classroom. Today, I have a round-up of my favorite letter practice activities to share with you!

tips for teaching letters

Pocket Charts + Letters

Grab a stack of cards with letters printed on them. Place the letters in a pocket chart. Use a fun pointer and call out letter names our sounds. Students must point to the correct letter in the chart! 

tips for teaching letters

Letter Mats

Print a mat with the alphabet pre-printed into boxes. Use magnetic letters, and ask students to pull a letter out of a container and match it to the letters on the mat. This can also be extended into matching capital and lowercase letters to each other, if you need to practice that skill!

tips for teaching letters

Bubble Letters

Print the alphabet with a bubble font. Call out a letter, and have students use stickers, small poms, or beads to fill the letter. This helps students familiarize themselves with the shape of different letters. This aids students in letter recognition, and it will serve them well when they begin writing letters!

tips for teaching letters

Read Aloud

Find a book that focuses on one letter of the alphabet at a time. Use chart paper to write out the alphabet, and list the words for each letter on the chart as you read. You can repeat this activity with a variety of books, and overtime you can expect the students to hear the different sounds in the book before you can point them out. 

A few of my favorite titles that cover the alphabet are:

Bad Kitty

Hannah’s Tall Order


Eek! A Noisy Journey from A-Z


tips for teaching letters

Typing Letters

Using an old keyboard, ask students to press the letter that they see on a card. Because keyboards are not printed in ABC order, students have to rely on their knowledge of what the letter looks like to find the correct one! 

tips for teaching letters
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Stickers + Letter Tiles

Using any letter manipulatives you have on hand, you can create a fun alphabet practice activity! Using alphabet stickers, you can have students create a collage of different letters, then practice pointing and reading each one. Or, you can call out letter names or sounds, and ask students to find a matching letter tile. The sky’s the limit when you have a stack of engaging supplies on hand!

Use these ideas to help your students master the alphabet this year, and set them off on the right foot with reading! 

tips for teaching letters
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