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Get Parents Involved in Literacy!

We all know that one key component to students being successful in school is having parents who are involved. I believe this to be especially true in the area of literacy. The more practice students have with reading in any setting, the better they become at reading. There are only so many hours in a school day, so if the reading can carry over to home, I’m one happy teacher! 
Another important component of literacy, especially for struggling readers, is to provide kids with a model of a fluent reader. The more students see what a fluent reader looks like, the more likely their reading is to eventually become fluent as well. Struggling readers have a tough time identifying that they are not reading fluently because they are so focused on decoding each word. By providing a fluent model regularly, they begin to notice the differences in their own reading and strive to sound the same as the fluent readers. These important components of literacy led me to my latest packs which I’m super excited about- they’re a way to combine all of the above- get parents more involved & get kids hearing a fluent model reader often.
I posted this video on Instagram to give a quick glimpse into the pack…you can check out the close-ups down below!
My initial plan for these passages is that the child is working at home with a parent/adult…but they also work well for parent volunteers in the classroom, one-on-one/small group/whole group reading time with the teacher at school! It’s really just what works best for you and your population of students. 

Each child gets their own I Read, You Read folder. Within each folder there is a set of directions for the parent so they know how to use the passages with their child. The passages are also in the folder. Students then follow the simple steps below- reading their passage first (at their ability level) and then listening to the parent/adult read the higher level story. The parent and child can then discuss the story while the child writes responses to each question. The last step is for the student to go back and look for sight word(s) or underline their evidence from within the text.



 I love that parents have a chance to see what their child is capable of reading-wise. They may realize certain types of words their child is struggling with or something they didn’t realize their child was really good at reading already!



These passages don’t require too much time from the parent, but just enough to not only be practicing reading, but also providing the child with some one-on-one attention which we know they all love!


2nd Grade Edition also added! I%2BRead%252C%2BYou%2BRead %2B2nd%2BGrade%2BEdition Preview.002

I%2BRead%252C%2BYou%2BRead %2B2nd%2BGrade%2BEdition Preview.003
If you’re looking to add something new to get parents involved in literacy, check out the packs by clicking the links below!

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