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I posted this freebie a long time ago, but I never really blogged about it, so I’m doing that today…hopefully just in time as everyone heads back to school!

I love using QR codes as a way to both practice literacy skills and engage my little readers. Since I know how engaged my little readers become when the iPads and QR codes come out, I created this fun little “getting to know you” activity that is perfect for the beginning of the school year. 
All you need is something that can scan a QR code- iPad, phone, computer. The QR code gets scanned and question is revealed. The questions all relate to the child specifically and provide new information about that student. Students then write their responses to each question (if they are incoming kindergartners, then I recommend just discussing their answers). After the QR codes have all been scanned, students can share out their answers to the entire group or to a partner. Students will quickly see who they have things in common with in their new class!

This activity won’t take super long, but it’s a new way for students to get to know a little about each other! There are 10 question cards that you (or your students) can scan and respond to either on the recording sheet or out loud to the group/a partner. You can grab the freebie here!
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