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February Literacy Freebies

Happy February! I hope your month is off to a good start, after a long January!

Since it’s a new month- time to switch out the sight word chart! You can list words your readers are working on right on the chart.

You’ll say: Valentine, Valentine, What do you see?
Students reply: I see readers looking at me!

Then you’ll point to the words, and readers will read each word. This then makes the perfect center. Each student can have a chance to be the leader and reader- especially when including fun pointers and glasses for fluent word reading practice. Then readers can list the words they want to work practice on their own sheet. You can send the recording sheet home or keep it at their desk/guided reading table for daily practice! Grab the free recording page here! If you want to watch the video to set it all up, you can watch that and grab the freebie here.

IMG 8520
IMG 8521

These mailboxes were back at Target this year and they make introducing words for the week so exciting! You can put a few sight words in the mailbox to pull out during morning meetings, guided reading groups or another time of day. It’s wonderful to assign a student helper who gets to open the mailbox and pull out the words for the week. You can then place the words back in, after reviewing them, to go over each day for the week. It’s a great way to really concentrate on just a few words. This goes along well with the freebie above because you can just put the same words in the mailbox to pull out throughout the month of February. *If done in guided reading groups, you can just change out the words in the mailbox for each group, for differentiation.

IMG 8522
It’s extra engaging to switch out graphic organizers each month to keep kids excited about responding to reading. These graphic organizers are perfect for February, with a focus on a character readers LOVE from their books. Grab these free graphic organizers here!
IMG 8523
Happy Reading!
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