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Valentine’s Day Decodable Texts

Students love Valentine’s Day so why not use some Valentine’s Day decodable texts this year? It’s always so cute to me how excited kids get for Valentine’s Day. Embracing that love in the classroom can be done through Valentine’s Day themed literacy resources. Read on to see how you can easily focus on important literacy skills and Valentine’s Day with my decodable texts! 

Words in Isolation

valentine's day decodable readers

Before diving deep into a text, you’ll want students to warm up to their reading. This can be done with some focused word work, for just a few minutes. 

It is always beneficial to early readers to start with phonemic awareness activities. You may practice having them say the sounds in words that you know they will see in their text. Readers can also listen to you say the sounds and then put those sounds together to make the word. If your text focuses on specific phonics skills, like a vowel pattern, you can have students try exchanging one sound for another as they listen to the sounds in words. 

Next up, you can have students physically manipulate words. Sound boxes are a great tool to help readers identify letters in a word. Just like you did with the phonemic awareness practice, focus on words from the text. Students can make a word after you state the sounds. You can also have students make the word and then tell you the sounds, after you state the word. 

These short, and simple activities warm up their brains to be ready to read their Valentine’s Day decodable texts. By first focusing on the verbal and visual decodable words, in isolation, readers build their confidence. They can then apply their knowledge immediately to the decodable passages.

If you want more word work ideas for February, check out this blog post here!

Valentine's Day Themed Texts

Valentine's Day decodable texts

Themed texts are a great way to engage readers. Kids are instantly excited to read about a topic they love. Plus, once you’ve used passages that are formatted the same way, you can simply change out the theme each month. This keeps kids excited about reading, and makes them feel comfortable. There is nothing unexpected!

My Valentine’s Day decodable texts are great for early readers. They also work well with readers who just need a little more independent practice. 

First up: Word Work

After completing the above suggested word work activities, you can continue with a quick practice of the words readers will see in the text. These words include high frequency words that they likely already know, as well as two words that might be more challenging. You can read these words together and then have students repeat you for the unknown words.

Next up: Reading!

Students will then read the passage focusing on decoding new words and reading the words they already recognize. As the teacher, you can simply listen in and encourage them before, during, and after they are reading. 

Follow up: Comprehension and More Word Work

Once finished, readers will write the answers to the comprehension questions. You can discuss the questions first and then have students write their one to two word responses.

For the last step, readers will be going back to the text to find the focus words. This gives them one more time to identify high frequency words. 

It’s so important for readers to feel confident as they make their way through these Valentine’s Day decodable texts. You don’t want them to become frustrated or burnt out. These passages are a perfect length to give readers just enough decodable words to practice, along with focusing on high frequency words. 

You can grab these Valentine’s Day decodable texts here!

You can also check out my bundle for a large variety of holidays here!

I also have a digital format of these which you can check out here!

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