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Are you guys ready for the best-ever news!?  Spring has SPRUNG – and now it’s time to have some fun with some spring must-have resources!  There is no joy like the joy that comes with the first signs of spring.  The green grass is peeking through melted snow, birds chirp early in the morning, and the sun sets just a bit later each day.  These “feel good” moments fill us with such hope that it’s palpable within the halls of our schools. After trudging through the snow in the long winter months, we can finally shout it as the bell rings at 3:00 and we walk to our car without a coat on: “We’ve made it!” 

As a little prize for making it through some cold and grueling months, I’ve pulled together some amazing spring resources that will make you feel that whole rainbows-and-butterflies feeling. We’ve got phonics and fluency activities, reading resources, and fluency work for your kiddos.  All of these activities will guide your students right through spring and into the end of the school year.  So let’s open our windows, let the sunshine peak through, and take a look at some of these spring must-have resources that will make your students bloom!

Spring Phonics and Fluency Activities

The reason these Spring Phonics and Fluency Activities are one of my spring must-have resources for your classroom is because they contain four activities for each phonics skill – CVC words, digraphs, beginning blends, ending blends, added endings, CVCe words, r-controlled vowels, vowel teams, and diphthongs.  That’s 36 activities in all!  With a fun spring theme throughout, students will read words in isolation, read them again within sentences, read two short stories, and play a fun board game at the end (yep, that’s definitely a favorite part).  Since you get these activities with each phonics pattern, that means that you’ll be able to serve each one of your students based upon what skills they need to brush up on.  

This is such a hot-selling resource that we’ve made it for all of the seasons and holidays in our GROWING Fluency and Phonics Activities Bundle!  So if you’re looking to keep the fun going and students engaged all year round, this one’s for you.  Slip these gems into a pocket protector and use it as a literacy center for students to do in small groups independently. Or, if you’d rather, use them in your small group with students who need to focus on a specific skill.  These activities are so fun and so versatile that they will quickly become a staple in your room – for any season!

Spring I am a Reader Passages

My Spring I am a Reader Passages are particularly helpful if you’re looking to encourage young readers.  When you grab this resource, you’ll get 30 spring-themed decodable reading passages that come with comprehension questions.  These spring passages are written for readers who are just developing their reading abilities.  Your students will do word work, answer comprehension questions, and read encouraging statements that tell them they are, in fact, a reader!  These passages are perfect for the beginning reader because they instill confidence and help students see themselves as a reader.  This vote of confidence does wonders for students who are just embarking on their reading journey.  

These Spring I Am a Reader Passages are great in the kindergarten classroom for small groups, but can also be used by reading specialists, tutors, and parents.  During these passages, students will read the focus words, read the story, answer the questions, and go back and highlight their focus words.  March, April, and May can be months of huge growth with your students as they work their way through these spring passages.  Because when you give them these spring passages, you’re equipping them with incredible reading confidence that will take them to new heights.

Spring Fluency Passages and Activities

When your students are ready to practice fluency, these Spring Fluency Passages are an amazing way to do so.  Now, not all students will be ready for fluency at the same time.  As we know, it takes time to get to the point where a student can be fluent in their reading.  All of the phonics skills need to be studied first, and let’s not forget the feeling of confidence that needs to be instilled in them before fluency can begin.  But when it does begin, well, now that’s a beautiful thing!  

Fluency is so important because it allows students to concentrate more on the meaning of the words on the page rather than decoding.  When they’re not spending time decoding, it makes room in their brain to learn the meaning behind the text, find literary elements, and read a text for enjoyment or information.  Fluency is the bridge students crossover and when they get to the other side, they become a reader who reads for meaning.

All this to say, this resource is definitely one you’ll want to keep on your shelves.  These Spring Fluency Passages and Activities will help readers develop their fluency skills and help them with accuracy, expression, pace, smoothness, and comprehension.  And because fluency lends itself to comprehension, they will respond to comprehension questions after they read the passage.  These passages will also build confidence in your readers as they get better and better and read with more accuracy and precision.  When this resource becomes yours, you’ll get two fluency reading passages, one fluency poem, and one Reader’s Theater play – all spring-themed!  You’ll also receive comprehension questions, repeated fluency readings, scooping phrases, nonsense phrases, Change Your Voice game, and an I Have, Who Has? Game.  

Who are the Spring Fluency Passages and Activities for?

First and second grade classroom teachers will greatly benefit from this resource, but can also be used by reading specialists, special education teachers with fluency goals, classroom aids, parents, and ESL teachers.  They’re great to send home with students who need that extra fluency practice, too!  Work through these activities in a small group or have your students partner up and read the funny voices and nonsense phrases together.  If you’re looking to incorporate a bit of movement into your day, slip these passages into a pocket protector as your students move around the room in groups from center to center.

All the Spring Must-Have Resources


With any of these spring must-have resources, you can be sure that your students are getting what they need in terms of phonics work and fluency practice.  After a year of learning to decode, encode, studying high frequency words, and working hard at becoming confident readers, these activities take students to the next level with reading by helping them with fluency or by honing in on phonics skills that need extra attention.  With so many resources at your fingertips to serve students, the flowers won’t be the only thing blooming this spring!

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