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Phonics Focused Review Passages

We are going to dive deep into a closer look at my Phonics Focused Review Passages. But first…you’ve almost made it!  You’re nearing the end of another wonderful school year.  The end of the year always comes with a mixed bag of emotions.  A little bit of sadness, a little bit of relief, and a lot of classroom management!  But one thing’s for certain: there’s no joy like the joy that comes from seeing how far our students have come.  We see this growth in their friendships, responsibility, and through the end of the year activities and assessments we give them.  And there’s no better activity that showcases students’ growth than my Phonics Focused Review Passages!  These passages provide such great evidence to student growth because they cover, well, just about everything. 😉

A closer look at Phonics Focused Review Passages

phonics focused review passages

What is included in the Phonics Focused Review Passages?

When you grab this resource, you’ll get 15 phonics focused review reading passages that cover everything from CVC words, to blends, to vowel teams, to diphthongs, depending on the grade level you’re looking for.  And whichever grade level you’re teaching, you’re certain to find a phonics pattern that best suits your grade level needs.  Students will use their decoding skills by reading a passage, circling words that fit the specific phonics pattern that you’re focusing on, write down words that fit each pattern, and show their understanding by completing the comprehension questions in complete sentences.  For teacher reference, each purchase is equipped with specific phonics focused words for the word work portion of the activity.  And, as always, these passages are aligned to the science of reading, so you know that they’ll fit nice and snug into your reading routine.  


When Can These Passages Be Used?

You’ll see the benefit of these Phonics Focused Review Passages at any time of the year.  They can be used as a beginning of the year “assessment” to see the level of your students.  They can be used as a basic review before Christmas break.  Or rather, these passages even make effective take-home work during spring break. 

If you’re really looking to optimize their potential, though, using them at the end of the year is the perfect way to close another amazing school year.  The reason they work so well at the end of the year is because they cover such a wide-range of phonics patterns.  After a year of working on specific phonics patterns, you’re able to give students these Phonics Focused Review Passages to gain insight into just how much they learned.  They’re not only a perfect way to assess how far they’ve come with phonics, but also give you insight to the gains they’ve made in comprehension and demonstrating understanding. 


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Benefits of Using Phonics Focused Review Passages At the end of the Year

Reviewing phonics patterns with our students is of the utmost importance.  We just simply can’t move onto the next phonics pattern as soon as we think one has been mastered and never revisit old patterns.  It’s vital that we come back to reviewing what was learned the previous week.  Reviewing material helps students not only master a specific skill, but also keeps them masters of a specific skill. And remember, our review time does not need to take minutes upon minutes.  If our instruction is effective and explicit, we are able to optimize our review time (and our instructional time, for that matter!)  

With that in mind, these phonics review passages are the perfect way to review phonics patterns with your students in a timely and effective way.  One of the reasons for this is that they’re easy to prep for teachers.  Simply just print out the passages and the corresponding word work and comprehension page, and you’re good to go.  Additionally, if you’ve been using these passages all year as a learning tool or previous mid-year assessment, students will be familiar with them which saves even more time.  And speaking of students – they love these passages, as made evident from their many 5-star reviews!  To enhance your review game, consider grabbing the Phonics Focused Review Passages Bundle so that you can easily differentiate and review the specific patterns you’re looking for!

Free Samples and More aBout These Resources

If you’re pretty certain you want these passages to be a staple activity in your binder but you’re still on the fence, consider my free opt-in to try them out a bit first!  Once you try it out for free, you’ll quickly find yourself wanting more!  Additionally, check out my Phonics Based Review blog post to gain more insight into how these work within the classroom.  The end of the year doesn’t have to be the chaos that we always fear it will be.  With these passages, you can be rest assured that they will make your teaching life a breeze and provide adequate insight as to how your kiddos have grown throughout the year!

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