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Building a Home-to-School Connection, Digitally!

I am a big believer that one of the things that can make the biggest impact on your students’ reading growth in a school year is buy-in from their families! The kind of literacy work that’s happening at home can make a huge impact on the kind of engagement you see from students in the classroom. The importance of building this connection is why I created my I read, You Read passage sets. Now, in the age of distance learning I saw the need to turn these printable passage sets into something paperless. I Read, You Read has gone digital! 

You can check out my blog post about my printable packs here!

Why use 'I Read, You Read'?

I Read, You Read is a collection of home-school connection building passages. I created these to give parents and other caregivers quality literacy work to do at home with students! These passages are grouped by grade level. This allows you to trust that the reading work that you’re sending home is targeted to the types of things that a student that age needs to be working on.

Asking students to read for 20 minutes at home every night is great. However, you can’t always guarantee that a student has reading materials that are on their level at home, or that parents will be sitting with them to guide the process. I Read, You Read passages guarantee that a student and a caregiver will spend time reading together, using materials that are geared towards that students’ age!

What's included in Digital I Read, You Read Passage Sets?

Each set of digital I Read, You Read passages begins with a tip sheet for families on how to use the pages!

After the tip sheet, each set includes a clickable menu. Students and families can choose which passage they would like to read each week, or you can assign specific texts to be read.

Each passage contains a brief text for the student to read to a family member, and then a second, more complex text for that family member to read back to the student.

Each passage also includes 2 to 3 brief comprehension tasks. Younger students are asked to do things like draw and label pieces of the story, or find sight words. Older students are asked more complex comprehension questions, and are asked to underline their text evidence for each answer. 

I Read, You Read is a great way to promote quality, targeted literacy practices at home during a socially-distanced school year. Start making those home connections right from the start. Click HERE to shop my Digital I Read, You Read sets for Kindergarten-3rd grade. Or, click HERE to shop the printable sets!

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