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Fall Guided Reading Plans, Done For You!

Fall Guided Reading

Does anyone start to look forward to all things fall as soon as September hits? Heading towards a new season always brings some excitement, no matter how crazy the year is! (And this year is especially crazy, is it not?) So, what does a new season and Guided Reading have to do with one another?

I like to bring that new-season anticipation into my resources too. It makes things a little more special for students. I’m pretty sure it makes teachers feel happy about what they’re teaching, too! 

An easy way to do that is to theme your guided reading texts around the season. It’s a great way to get your students invested. It also leads to conversations around text-to-self connections! 

I have Fall Guided Reading passages for teachers to download and use in their literacy blocks, and I want to show you what is included in each download!

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What can I expect from the guided reading passages?

Lesson Plans: Each passage includes a lesson plan, passage, reading response questions and running record. All you need to do is print and copy and you are all ready to get your leveled guided reading groups going!

The lesson plans are very similar for the passages at each level, which makes it even easier for you to grab and teach on the fly, if needed.

The lesson plan provides a guide to help you use each passage. You can trust that the steps I write out here are the same ones I have used with success in my own teaching! 

Reading Response Questions: Each passage includes reading response questions, that are printed right alongside the text. This makes it easy for students to refer back to their reading when they respond!  At the lower levels, students love getting the opportunity to draw and label a picture for their answer after reading, while higher-level passages ask students to cite evidence. 

Running Records: I recommend using the running record forms to check in on how your students are doing with a particular level. If students are scoring at the instructional level based on their percentage correct, then you can continue using the leveled passages until they reach
the independent score. If students are scoring at a frustration level, you will need to level them down. 

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What reading levels are available?

You can find Fall Reading Passages in F&P levels A-M! These levels are perfect for grades K-2, and will cover your guided reading instruction for the entire year. You can see the different bundles of fall passages by visiting my store

Check out this blog post all about my non-seasonal Guided Reading passages too!

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