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Non Fiction Guided Reading

Let me tell you- I LOVE writing stories for readers! The last few months I’ve been enjoying creating leveled non fiction guided reading passages. I’ve learned so much from creating them and have also been curious to learn more about many topics. My hope is that not only will readers actually enjoy reading non fiction texts, but also be eager to research more after reading! All the while, the readers are building their confidence as they make their way through each passage during guided reading.


These passages, from Pre A-V (Kindergarten-5th grade) are full of interesting facts, text features and comprehension questions that will make readers refer to the text for evidence. I included vocabulary cards with pictures, words and phrases to assist those readers who need a little help before reading or during reading. As with my other guided reading packs, each passage includes a corresponding lesson plan and running record.

 Creating a reading folder for each reader is a great way to prep ahead of time. They also are something that readers can store at their desks (or at the guided reading table) that they can grab during independent reading to read through previously read texts.

The word work portion of the lesson plan that is included for each passage provides words to focus on that are in the text. Using letter tiles, readers can create the words before reading so they’re familiar with them when actually reading. This helps them recognize the words while actually reading!

Check out this short video that shows all the components included for each passage!
This longer video also walks you through how to use all the components included!

 Adding in fun pointers and props that relate to the story is a helpful way to increase engagement even more! Who doesn’t want to read with a feather pointer when the topic is birds??


Magnifying glasses can be used to take a closer look at images or specific words included in the passages.


Keeping the vocabulary cards in view of readers while they’re reading through the text is a simple way for readers to use them when they come across challenging words in the text.


In the During Reading section of each lesson plan, I include appropriate prompts (related to that level) that you can use to guide readers when they struggle with which strategy to apply to challenging words.


In the After Reading section of the lesson plans, I included appropriate (related to the grade and reading level) comprehension questions that can be used while discussing the text.


Highlighters and highlighter strips are also extra motivating! Focusing in on specific lines with highlighter strips provides a simple tool for readers who need the help. Highlighters are an excellent way to identify evidence in the text when responding to comprehension questions.


You can check out these non fiction guided reading passages packs here!

Happy Reading!

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