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Free Summer Reading Tags

I love how eager readers are to take home their reading folders. It’s proof that excitement about reading is contagious! They just want to run home and share their reading with their families, which makes my reading teacher heart so happy. I’ve always sent these folders home at the very end of the year when it’s summertime. Finally, after repeatedly being asked if they’ll be able to take them home, the answer is yes!

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I created these tags that you can easily stick on readers’ folders. (Even if you don’t use my passages, you can use them on books or whatever special thing you send home at the end of the year.) I’ve always been one to encourage reading over the summer. Not only was I terrified of readers coming back to school in the fall having forgotten how to read, but also because I want them to continue to enjoy reading! Being sent home with a folder full of passages at their level helps readers keep feeling confident about their reading.

These tags work great for both my Guided Reading passages and my Fluency passages, since both are kept in folders. (You may just staple your passages together or bind them, which still works great with these tags!)

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*If readers have already read through all their passages, send the folders home- that’s a whole lot of material to read through again!
*If readers have some passages they haven’t gotten to yet in Guided Reading groups, send them home anyway! Let them have the chance to read those stories on their own.
*If it’s your first time purchasing my passages and your readers haven’t read any of them at all, pick a good level for each of your readers and send them home!


Oh, and speaking of summer, if you’re someone like me who tutors over the summer, keep in mind that these passages are PERFECT for tutoring! With all the planning done for you, you’ll be ready for each session before summer even begins!

You can grab the folder tags for free here!
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IMG 8604
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IMG 8606
Happy Reading!
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