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Reading Fluency Passages

Reading fluency passages are a great way to help students improve all aspects of fluent reading. When focusing on fluency, students can improve their accuracy, expression, smoothness, natural pace, and understanding of a text. Take a closer look at my reading fluency passages to understand how they can help your students improve their fluency. 

Aspects of fluency

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With multiple aspects of fluency, there is a lot that can be focused on with reading fluency passages. You can first determine what area of fluency needs to be the focus. You can choose one goal for your entire class, or work on specific skills for each group, or on an individual basis. Once the focus (accuracy, expression, smoothness, pace, or comprehension) is chosen, students can then make that a priority, while reading.

In this blog post about assessing fluency, I explain how you can set up a system in your classroom, for informal fluency assessments. These informal assessments can provide guidance for where to begin. Students can also self assess, and then set goals for what they wish to improve, first. 


Fluency Goals

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Once the fluency goals have been established, you’ll want to make sure that students have time to work on the goal. This can be done during independent reading time, small group time, or in centers. You can use books, or reading passages to get students to practice the aspect of fluency chosen. If you need more help with figuring out fluency goals, read this blog post!

You can first provide a model of a fluent reader, with a focus on each aspect of fluency. Students can then practice reading on their own, while focusing on a specific component of fluency. 

Students can then record themselves reading, read to a partner, or  a teacher, when they feel ready. Self assessment can then be done where readers identify what they did well as a fluent reader. They can also mention what they still need to work on, with regard to fluency. You can also provide your opinion to help students feel successful, while also understanding areas to improve. 

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While at first you will need to provide a lot of direction for students when focusing on fluency, soon students will do it naturally. They will see how they are sounding better as readers. This will motivate them to continue to improve all aspects of fluency. 

Fluency Passages

My fluency passages work well in a variety of settings. The main purpose of the passages is to help students develop their fluent reading skills. I have thought of all the details which allow you to simply print and use these passages. 

Each fluency resource comes with:

  • a fluency folder cover
  • data tracking page
  • fluent reader reminder cards
  • fluency encouragement notes
  • 15 fluency passages (full color, and teacher mark up page)
  • follow up comprehension questions page for each passage
  • answer key
With all these pieces included, students can practice improving their fluent reading skills from the very beginning of the school year. You can use these reading fluency passages in small groups, in a fluency center, or during independent work. You can then assess each student informally, one-on-one. These passages also can be sent home for extra help. 


If you’re hoping to have more fluent readers this year, these passages are a great way to focus on fluency. You can assist ALL your readers in growing their fluency abilities!



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