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Fluency Goals

All students should have fluency goals that they continue to strive to reach. These fluency goals can change as students grow as readers. Since there are multiple aspects of fluency, students can alter their goals as they improve. Read on for suggestions for fluency goals and how to help students make progress as fluent readers. 

Goals for Fluency

Goals for fluency can be created for each aspect of fluency. Reading with accuracy, expression, smoothness, natural pace, and for meaning are all things you can address in a goal. 

If working on accuracy, or working on reading at a natural pace, a goal may be to read a certain number of words correctly. You can use grade level charts to get an idea of how many words per minute a student should be reading. It is typically recommended to use the numbers provided at 50% for each grade level/benchmark, based on the time of year. Remember that students do NOT need to make zero errors before moving on to a new passage, or level. Rather, focus on getting students to an overall fluency score matching up to the 50% category in the chart, before moving on. Here is more information about oral reading fluency and progress monitoring

If working on reading with expression, or working on reading smoothly, students can set a goal to include emotions as they read. They’ll want to focus on sounding like they’re speaking to someone, as they’re reading.  

When students are focused on improving reading for meaning, students can set a goal to answer comprehension questions correctly. 


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If students need help reaching the goals they’ve set for different aspects of fluency, you can have them work on fluency during a fluency center, or during independent reading activities. 

Accuracy and Natural Pace

If working on improving their accuracy, or reading at a natural pace, students can focus on decoding. This can be done through word work activities, or with sentences and passages that are appropriate for the reader. In order for the student to improve, the words in the sentences or passages need to be something the student can figure out. That means the sentences in the texts should include high frequency words and phonics patterns they’ve been exposed to, previously. Students can then advance to grade level appropriate words, in the texts they’re reading. 

Expression and Reading Smoothly

For the students who are trying to improve their ability to read with expression, or smoothness, they can record themselves reading. When recording themselves, they should pay close attention to their pausing and emotions included while reading aloud. 

Most devices come with voice recording apps built in, but you can also check out QuickVoice Recorder and Voice Recorder apps!

Reading for Meaning

When students are focusing on improving reading for meaning, they can complete complete comprehension activities. 

Comprehension activities may include:

No matter what comprehension activities you use, it’s important that students are using evidence from the text to support their answers. 
In order to reach any of these fluency goals, you also should spend time reading aloud to your students. You act as an amazing fluent reading model for students. They will then try to mimic your reading style when they’re working in a fluency center, or independently reading.
My fluency reading passages can help your students set any of these goals, and reach all of the goals! With fluency passages for Kindergarten-5th grade, you’ll feel prepared to help your students succeed with fluency. Also, if you do use my passages, check out how to organize your fluency passages. Need a little more? My fluency course and toolkit, will help your students reach their fluency goals too!


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