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Fluent Reading Model

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools a reader has in his or her toolbox is the ability to read fluently. It is so important that students are provided with a fluent reading model, frequently.When a child is able to read fluently, all other areas of reading fall into place. 


Take comprehension, for example. When a student can demonstrate reading fluency, they don’t need to focus on each individual word, nor do they spend time decoding. This frees up the brain to actually comprehend what’s being read instead of simply reading the words on the page.  


When fluency is mastered, students can more readily summarize and comprehend a text. Fluency and comprehension go together like paper and glue, peanut butter and jelly, cookies and –well, you get the idea!

Fluent readers are also able to make quick connections and access schema. Since fluency sounds like something we want all of our readers to have, let’s explore how to get there.

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Every teacher and parent knows that a sure-fire way to teach a child is to model expectations. And guess what? It’s the same with fluency! One of the best ways to teach a child to become more fluent is modeling good reading for them. The more a child hears fluent reading, the quicker they will become fluent themselves.


My I Read, You Read Passages are a great way to ensure that your students are getting all the fluency practice they need. These passages promote good fluency because the adult models good reading for the student while they listen. When students listen to a fluent reading model, they begin to mimic those people, while they’re reading. 


And to help encourage fluency in the foundational years, I’ve focused my I Read, You Read Passages on the early grades.


When choosing the passages that are best for you, you’ll want to consider the ability levels of your readers. My I Read, You Read Pre-A Passages and the I Read, You Read Kindergarten Passages work well if you teach Kindergarten. 


As you progress in grade levels, my I Read, You Read 1st Grade Passages are most appropriate for 1st graders. The Second Grade Passages and Third Grade Passages work for those specific grade levels.


Is your class spanning a wide variety of ability levels? Depending on the needs of your class, you may want to consider bundles in order to better differentiate. My best-selling K-2 I Read, You Read Bundle has you covered, as well as my K-3 I Read, You Read Bundle


Both are perfect for teachers who find themselves with a variety of student needs, or who are often switching grade levels. The bundles are also great for parents who have children in different grades.


No matter which grade level you choose, each pack is structured the same way. The pack includes 30 I Read, You Read passages that are paired with comprehension questions and word work.


For each passage, the child reads the story under “My Turn” (with adult help if needed). Then, the adult models good fluency as he or she reads the “Your Turn” story.


When both stories are done, students answer comprehension questions and draw pictures related to the story. For the younger grades, students finish the activity by going back to find sight words within the story, while older kids underline textual evidence.


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One of the best aspects of this resource is the ability to use it in a wide range of settings. These passages can be used with a teacher during a small group, or even as partner work. In this instance, the teacher would read the “Your Turn” story to the whole class after each partner has read the “My Turn” story to each other.

Another great way to use these passages is with older students as part of a buddy reading activity or program within the school!

But perhaps one of the most meaningful ways to use these passages are as take-home work for students to do with their parents or guardians. This option is particularly enticing because it encourages at-home reading without the overwhelm of performing in a classroom setting. This way, a child is at home in his or her own environment as their loved ones are modeling good reading to them. Bonding over a story is a beautiful thing, and these passages encourage special moments between a parent and a child.


Don’t just take my word for it!  Take a look at what others are saying about my I Read, You Read Passages:


“I use these as our weekly reading assignment.  It’s perfect to get their parents/guardians involved in their reading and also lets the students hear fluent reading.  These are short and I appreciate the differentiation by grade level.” – Kara Foehrenbacher 


“Love these!!!  I also love how they are bundled in multi grade levels which makes prepping for my self-contained room a snap.” – Allison M.


This has been a wonderful resource that I have given to my students and parents. They are loving reading the passages to their parents and listening to their parents read to them.” – Stacey H.


“This resource was a fabulous addition to our homework.  It gave all my students a chance to have on level text with them at all times.  They loved the stories and the follow questions.” – Amanda R.

Want to learn more about other ways to incorporate fluency into your daily schedule? Read more about fluency here!

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