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Three Ways to Practice Counting Syllables

Recognizing where syllables are in a word is so critical for helping students (of all ages) decode and increase fluency. Being able to find each vowel sound, which in turn determines each syllable, is incredibly helpful. It leads to a student understanding how to break a word into smaller chunks. I believe it’s so important that we give our students plenty of practice with syllables. They need practice identifying, counting, and naming syllables in words! 

Today, I have three different ways that you can practice counting and finding syllables in multi-syllabic words with your students!

Draw Cards & Count!

Print a variety of two, three, and four-digit words on cards and shuffle them up. Students can take turns in small groups or at a center. They can draw one card, count its syllables, and then creat lists of the different sized words that they find!

Solve a Riddle

Using a stack of different-sized words, create some simple riddles for students to use to find the word that matches! This is a great way to review several word skills at the same time. Any skills you’ve taught so far this year could be worked in as a clue!

Notice in Context

I love taking a skill that students learn in isolation, and bringing into the context of a story! Once students are more fluent with finding the number of syllables in words on their own, they can move to noticing them within a story, side-by-side. Decoding skills are really tested when students are faced with three and four-syllable words in the same sentence!  

If you’re wanting to incorporate more syllable practice into your classroom, but you’re short on time, you can purchase my “Fishing for Words” activity pack! Four different activities are included in the pack, including different word cards and graphic organizers. This makes it easy for you to print and use right away! 

Also, check out this and this blog post for more word work ideas!

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