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Your #1 New Meaningful Timed Fluency Practice Activities

I’m so excited for this timed fluency practice resource because the sound of a student reading fluently is truly the best!  It makes you turn your head and go, “Is that a real reader I hear!?” And as we know, there are tons of awesome fluency resources for readers who are already decoding words and are ready to take that next step.  But we can’t forget about our early readers who need more practice with letter name and sound fluency.  This is just as important, as this promotes faster and more accurate decoding. 

My Timed Fluency Practice resource is just what students need in the emerging years because it gives students practice in four critical areas: letter name fluency (LNF), letter sound fluency (LSF), phoneme sound fluency (PSF), and nonsense word fluency (NWF).  The ultimate goal of this timed fluency practice resource is to help your emergent readers develop their early literacy skills in all four of these critical areas.

reading fluency activities to help early emergent readers

These reading fluency activities help early emergent readers in so many ways and are sure to be a staple in your early elementary classroom. This is because these reading fluency timed practice sheets:

  • help early and emergent readers develop early literacy skills in LNF, LSF, PSF, and NWF.
  • help students focus on building accuracy and fluency in these areas.  
  • encourages students to practice letter names, letter sounds, word segmentation, and decoding of nonsense words.  
  • build student confidence for when they read to themselves or when they’re completing a benchmark assessment.
  • are a great resource to use as progress monitoring between fall, winter, and spring benchmark assessments..

There is so much goodness packed inside this 120-page resource that helps students make progress between benchmark assessments and improve accuracy and fluency in all the areas of LNF, LSF, PSF, and NWF.  You’ll get practice pages for informal assessments, teacher tracking pages, student tracking pages with self assessment and goal evaluation, additional practice pages, and much more.  Here’s what’s included in this helpful resource:

  • Letter Name Fluency – uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Letter Sound Fluency – lowercase letters
  • Phoneme Sound Fluency – words with 3 and 4 sounds
  • Nonsense Word Fluency – CVC words
  • Practice Pages for each skill
  • Teacher Tracking: Practice Pages (10 per skill- LNF, LSF, NWF)
  • Teacher Tracking Sheet for overall scores (1 per skill)
  • Student Tracking Sheet with goal review (1 per skill)
  • Extra Practice Pages for a variety of uses (10 per skill- LNF, LSF, NWF)
  • Teacher Fluency Tracking Sheet
  • Student Fluency Tracking Sheet
  • Cover pages for binder organization for each skill

Reading Fluency Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

These reading fluency activities for kindergarten and first grade can be used by a variety of teachers and students, including:

  • Kindergarten and first grade students who need more practice on initial fluency skills
  • Early elementary classroom teachers
  • Special education teachers with student fluency and decoding goals
  • Reading teachers, specialists, and aides
  • Parent helpers or parents at home who are looking for extra practice for their child
  • ESL teachers
  • Tutors
  • Students who are completing independent practice, a literacy center, participating in small group, or one-on-one instruction

Using These Timed Fluency Practice Pages

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to use these timed fluency practice pages! You can laminate these pages or slip them in a pocket for repeated use.  Simply print and organize the pages in a progress monitoring binder or individual student folders – you have all the materials you need.  As you’re using the resource, follow these steps to ensure good progress monitoring and practice:

  • Practice Pages:
    • Students will use these to practice working on fluency on each of the four skills:  LNF, LSF, PSF, and NWF.
    • For each of these skills, you’ll listen as students practice going through the page for one minute.  Students can go through each practice page three times (over the course of a few days).
  • Teacher Tracking Practice Pages
    • Each practice page has a matching Teacher Tracking page with a number count on the end of each line.  This is where you will mark errors and scores for the on minute timed reading.
  • Teacher and Student Tracking Sheet for Overall Scores:
    • You can record student scores for each reading on these pages, noting if they are meeting their goal.  
      • One of the greatest aspects of this particular page is that all of the information for each student for each skill can be easily accessed on one page for ease of use and reference.
    • Students will also record their scores and whether they met their goal for a self assessment and goal-setting activity.  
      • This is a great way for students to make goals, keep their eyes on them, and learn what it means to work towards becoming a better reader.
  • Extra Practice Pages:
    • There are 10 additional practice pages for each skill (except PSF).
    • Students will use these for working on fluency through:
      • Independent work
      • Literacy centers
      • Partner work
      • Small group work
      • One-on-one interventions
      • Homework 

The Benefits of Timed Fluency

This resource was created with your students in mind – especially those students who struggle with letter fluency.  Of course, I wanted to make these reading fluency activities easy for you to use and keep track of as teachers for benchmark scores.  But mainly, I wanted this resource to help students on their decoding skills in order for them to become more fluent readers.  We know that when we establish these early reader fluency skills, we are actually setting them up for future fluency success – and that, my friends, is the essence of reading!

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