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Why You Need a Close Reading Routine

It’s no secret that close reading is near and dear to my heart. Really, any topic and literacy is near and dear to my heart! I love seasonal reading even more, so this is the perfect time of year to introduce a spring close reading routine.

Recently, I wrote about how to teach close reading in the primary grades. Today, I want to talk about the importance of close reading. I also am sharing how to use close reading passage sets to grow your students as readers!

Why Should You Have a Close Reading Routine?

  • First, close reading is the perfect way to help your students dig deep into a text and master the Common Core Standards. If you have a reading skill that has really stumped your students, engaging in close reading is a great way to get them to examine that one skill multiple times in the same text. A close reading routine, and common core standards go hand-in-hand!
  • Second, close reading can boost critical thinking skills in your readers! A successful close reading lesson includes a high-quality text that allows your students to discover new things each time they read. Asking students to examine a text for one skill is a great way to get them thinking critically and make connections.
  • Finally, cross-curricular connections are easy in close reading. You can easily pull in fiction and non-fiction texts with any close reading lesson. This allows you to reinforce your science and social studies standards through your reading block! The close reading routine will give your students extra opportunities to absorb complex concepts in those subjects, as well as fully comprehending the text.

Close Reading Passage Sets

I love taking a year-long routine and spicing it up by using seasonal texts. I have spring close reading passage sets that will allow you to keep the same close reading routine you’ve established with your students, without letting things feel stale. Your students will be re-engaged in the process when they’re reading about things that are relevant to what’s going on in their own lives.

My close reading passage set includes:

  • 5 Spring-Themed passages for K-1st Grade
  • lesson plans
  • teacher version of each passage
  • sample coded text passages for reference during 2nd read
  • student copy of each passage 
  • 2-3 graphic organizers to use for citing text evidence for 2nd and 3rd read 

You can grab your sets at the link here! Don’t delay in starting a close reading routine with your students. It’s the perfect time a year to watch their comprehension skyrocket! 

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