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Remote Learning: Literacy

You may be in a school that has been doing remote learning most of the year. Your students may be just beginning remote learning. Either way, I wanted one spot to highlight a collection of resources that will make your remote teaching simpler.

Digital Guided Reading

I have digital Guided Reading passages packs available for Levels Pre A-Z, fiction, non fiction and seasonal editions!

Everything is set up within Google Slides. You simply need to share the link with your students, or push them out via Google Classroom.

Each passage comes with digital comprehension questions that can be used to evaluate student understanding. Students love getting to move the words and type into text boxes when responding. 

I also include a lesson plan that addresses all the important skills for each passage. These are great for getting the lesson started and then you can add in whatever else your students need.

A digital running record can be completed to ensure your students are making progress. These can be completed in a one-on-one setting, virtually! Have your student meet you in the Zoom Room to complete a running record. Or, if they aren’t able to show up live, they can send you a recording of their reading. You can then complete the running record while listening along. 

If you’d like to read more about how teachers are using these Digital Guided Reading passages, read this blog post!

Digital Fluency Passages

Any time of year is a great time to focus on fluency! The reason for this is simply because a fluency focus leads to improved comprehension. 

My digital fluency passages packs are available for Levels A-V, fiction and non-fiction.

Each passage includes a colorful student copy for them to read through. Then, there is a black and white teacher copy that you will mark up as the student reads. Students will then type in their answers to comprehension questions. They will also type in a goal and complete a self assessment, with regard to their fluency.

Here’s an earlier blog post with more details about these Digital Fluency packs!

Digital I Read, You Read

If you’re looking for something to share with parents, to use with their kids, these are for you!

I have my Digital I Read, You Read passages packs for Early Readers- 3rd Grade.

Each passage includes a passage for the student to read and one for the parent to read. The passage is followed by comprehension questions that students respond to by typing in text boxes or using the drawing tools. Then, they move circles to identify specific words in the passage.

Parents and kids love doing these together!

Read more about how to make a home-school connection in this blog post!

Digital ABC Stories

For your students who are still having a tough time with letter-sound correspondence, these ABC stories are perfect!

My Digital ABC stories include one passage for each letter of the alphabet. 

Each passage includes a colorful story and then a follow up page. On the follow up page, students move circles to identify the featured letter. They also move words to match pictures from the story that begin with the featured letter. 

Teachers love using these for their remote learning intervention groups. They also are using them for students struggling with letter recognition. 

Want to read more about these? Check out this blog post!

Digital I am a Reader Passages

Kids need to be excited about reading, especially virtually. Students can get excited about reading online by seeing colorful stories and animation. 

My Digital Reading Passages and Activities: I am a Reader packs are used to build student excitement about reading. They are also used to build student confidence as they celebrate their reading success.

Each passage includes word work warm ups, an animated gif to celebrate their reading, comprehension questions with movable pieces and word work follow up with movable pieces.

These work well for early and emergent readers, as well as older struggling readers.

These make reading SO fun for kids, digitally!


I hope this collection of digital resources is helpful to you as you teach remotely!

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