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Digital Reading Fluency Made Easy!

Why Focus On Digital Fluency?

I can hardly believe that it’s already the beginning of August! This summer has somehow flown by, after a very long, very tedious spring! I can’t believe we’re already talking about going digital with so many resources, including my Fluency passages.

We’re coming up on back to school season right now, and many districts around the country have announced their plans for the coming school year…some are going complete remote for at least half of the year, while others are going remote for only the first few weeks. Some districts have announced a hybrid model of part-time instruction online, and the rest in-person. Other districts have opted to send everyone back full-time! Back to school season does not mean the same thing for everyone. It may look very different, actually, depending on where you live. 

The Need for Digital Resources

One common thread that ties us all together right now, however, is the need for more digital resources! In my opinion, digital resources can help us bridge the instructional gap that could be created with all of the transition and uncertainty. You may only be seeing your students part-time, whether through a computer screen or in-person every other day. Either way, you need some quality digital materials that will work both in your classroom and outside of it!

More Digital Resources

Last week, I shared about my Digital Guided Reading Passages with you all! I think we all are in agreement that we’d like to see academic progress happen for all of our students this year, no matter the teaching conditions. Getting a handle on things like digital guided reading groups could be the thing that does that for you.

In addition to guided reading passages, I now have Digital Fluency Passages available! Today, I want to share with you the parts of my digital fluency sets, and how they can help you in your socially distanced, or totally virtual classroom!

LevelsE J3

Digital Fluency Passages

Each set of the Fluency Passages comes with multiple passages per reading-level band. So, within levels A-D, for example, you get 15 passages. This allows you to get that ‘perfect fit’ when it comes to a student’s fluency level, as well as having multiple passage options to use with students who may be working within one reading level for a while. 
LevelsE J1
Students read the selected text while you time them, and track their reading on a running record. If you can’t listen to a student read live, you can have them record their reading into a voice recording app. This would also serve as your timer! 
Check out my videos to show you how to use the student pages and teacher pages! I also show you how to share just one passage at a time, if you prefer.
LevelsE J10 1

After students read, each passage comes with comprehension questions. This extra piece of data can help inform your instruction even further. Sometimes, a student may sound like a fluent reader within one level, but their comprehension is weak. So, it’s important that we are always tracking comprehension along with any other skill-work we do in isolation. 🙂 

LevelsE J7
Each passage is designed to be used three times. You can set this up however you’d like. You can do the first read with the student, and then share the file digitally so he/she can complete the next two reads alone, or in any other way that you choose! Everything you need to create a quality fluency instruction experience is located within these files. You can pick and choose what works best for your students.
Outside of the actual work that the students will be doing, and the data you will gather, these sets also come with fluency check posters.  You can prompt your students to remember what a fluent reader sounds like. There are also award certificates included. You can share these with students once they have met their fluency goal! 
LevelsE J11
Overall, these Digital Fluency Passages can help you to provide higher-quality instruction without stress, even in the midst of a really stressful time! My goal is to help all readers grow, and I believe that focused, purposeful instruction will do exactly that! 🙂 
Happy reading! 


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