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March Literacy Freebies

Every year when March 1st hits, I also want spring to immediately be here, but that rarely actually happens by us! Regardless of the cold temps outside, I still like to “think” spring. I wanted to share some freebies that are perfect for this month as we approach spring.

This month’s chart makes me extra happy because of all the color! I used silent e words on this chart to show that you can focus on other skills besides sight words. Phonics patterns work well with this format, just like sight words. Starting this at the beginning of the month helps readers focus on the words the rest of the month- it’s a great way to introduce the words. Check out the full video showing how to do this here!

The basics-
Teacher: Rainbow, rainbow, what do you see?
Students: I see readers looking at me!

Then point to the words and have readers read each word. Once you’ve done this together as a group a few times, set this up as a center for the month, where each student gets a chance to be the leader!

March 2B2

The follow up page is always helpful for getting readers to really focus on sight words/word patterns throughout the month. Each reader can complete their own page at the beginning of the month and then practice reading the words at home or at school, during independent time. Grab this freebie here!

March 2Bfreebie 2B2

Keeping up with the rainbow theme, this is a simple extension activity from the chart. If you’re focusing on a phonics pattern vs sight words, you can use rainbow erasers for this activity, if you happened to have snagged these from Target a year or so ago (otherwise, other ones will do just fine!). Readers will identify the phonics pattern you’re focusing on within the chart by placing the rainbow eraser above the letter. In this case, readers will cover the silent e and underline the vowel that is making a long sound in each word.

March 2BIdea

You can use the erasers in an extension activity if you use sight words on the chart, too! This activity works well with a partner or small group. Lay out words that readers are still working on in front of each student. Then say a word and have them put the eraser on the matching word. To put the erasers back, have each reader choose a word in front of them, remove the eraser and state the word. This way they’re practicing hearing/finding the word AND identifying it on their own.

IMG 9152

St Patty’s Day is coming! This freebie is great for extra practice with short and long vowel sounds (silent e). You can use letter tiles or dry erase markers if you put these in a plastic page for repeated use. They make a great literacy center or quick word work activity for the beginning of guided reading groups in the month of March. Grab these free pages here!

IMG 9154

If you’re looking for more spring themed resources, check out my Spring Guided Reading Passages for Levels A-M and my Spring Close Reading Passages for Kindergarten and 1st Grade!

E J 2B2
This video shows one of my Level A Spring GR Passage in depth- check it out below!
IMG 8586
Copy 2Bof 2BGR 2Bpassages 2BPre 2BA V
Happy Reading!
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