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Mary Had a Little Lamp: Rhyming Mentor Text!

Rhyming plays a big role in developing early reading skills and also is a big indicator in regard to students who will really struggle with learning how to read.  So, I try to regularly include rhyming activities in my lessons through read alouds, sorts and games.  I am always relieved when doing rhyming activities with my students to see that they get it- if they aren’t able to recognize or make their own rhymes, I keep a close eye on that student to see if there are other areas in reading that he/she majorly struggles with as well.

Today I’m linking up with the great girls over at Collaboration Cuties for their Language Arts Must Read Mentor Text.  I’m sharing a fun book that has loads of rhymes in it that my little friends enjoy: Mary Had a  Little Lamp by Jack Lechner.

IMG 1975
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 This book has super cute illustrations and is just a generally silly story about Mary and her lamp that she takes everywhere with her. She takes it out for Chinese food, to a baseball game, takes it sledding, etc. Rhyming words pop up on every page of the story so this is a perfect text to use to practice and review rhyming words.

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There are so many activities you can do with this story! I haven’t done #5 yet, but plan to in the near future because I think it would turn into a very cute class book- of course we would try to make those sentences rhyming sentences too! 🙂

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  1. Love the look of this book and all of your suggestions. I have not done a class book yet – but I think I have my first one! I use a poem about Mary around Halloween – Mary Had a Vampire Bat – I think these two will go together perfectly! Thanks!

  2. Cute book & ideas to use with the book! Yes, rhyming is so important to our young readers.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas. It sure would be a great class book for conferences coming up!

  3. I am always on the lookout for ways to incorporate rhyming into my curriculum. I have never heard of this book and can't wait to try it. I also love the idea of giving thumbs up when you hear a pair of rhyming words! Thanks for the awesome idea!

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