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Seasonal Guided Reading Passages for Your Earliest Readers

My earliest readers are beginning to make gains toward being ready to read Level A passages! We’ve been working hard at learning those letter names and sounds and then putting those sounds into words. While working on those things in isolation, I’ve also been focusing on reading very simple sentences that include simple sight words and one other word that connects directly to a picture. I’ve been using my Guided Reading Passages for Level Pre-A – a new seasonal edition! My little readers have been doing so well and I’m so proud of their progress. They are able to point and read ONLY the words on the page- instead of making up really long sentences to match the picture. 🙂  

My little readers love reading the stories and then drawing and labeling pictures to show their understanding. I just LOVE little kid writing and pictures so much- they always turn out adorable!


Of course, their next favorite part is when we pull out the highlighters! I also enjoy this step because it is a simple way to reinforce their knowledge of the sight word we are focusing on in each text. This quick little step can really help your little readers actually learn and remember those sight words!


The running record is a great way to check in on students to see if they are ready to move on or need a little more practice at the current level. It is such a handy resource for me to quickly pull out and use as an assessment!


Having a lesson plan all ready to go for each story also makes planning super easy…I’ve got everything all printed and ready to go for each lesson!

Click the image below or here to check out the pack- on sale for 50% off though the weekend {Nov 7 &8}!
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    Your room looks colorful & inviting! I'm switching school buildings and am going to miss my old classroom…still waiting to see what the new room looks like. Wishing you a great school year!


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