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Christmas CVC Word Activities

Keeping students entertained all the way up to winter break can be a true challenge. But I’m here to help! I’ve got free winter themed and Christmas CVC word activities just for you. With a simple printing, and some copying, you’ll be set for your small groups, literacy centers, or partner work, in December. Check out how to use these winter and Christmas CVC word activities!

CVC Activities


Many students need additional practice with CVC words, still, at this time of year. You can print out these CVC activities and keep engagement up during the last few days, or weeks, of the year.

Grab the free Christmas and Winter CVC activities!

Each page included in this free resource can be used in small groups, in literacy centers, or during partner activities. 

You will just simply need to choose which theme to use!

Students will build on their knowledge of CVC words, as they move along through the activities. Beginning with isolated word reading, then moving on to reading words in context, in the sentences. After that, they will read the CVC words in short stories. The game boards can be used along the way for additional isolated word decoding. 


3 Tips for Using these CVC Word Activities

1. Differentiate your instruction. 

  • Some students may only be ready to read the word lists and play the game.
  • Other students may be ready to read the sentences and short stories. 
  • Decide which students are ready for which activities and differentiate your literacy centers or small group activities.

2. Focus on fluency.

  • Students can work on fluency- specifically, accuracy, while decoding the words in isolation, and in context. 
  • Remind students to go slowly and say each sound of the individual words, when reading. 
  • Students should also keep an eye out for high frequency words in the sentences and short stories.
3. Read some words, or all the words.
  • Depending on the abilities of your readers, they can use the board game in slightly different ways.
  • For your advanced readers, have them read every single word on the board game. Rather than only reading the word they land on, they can read all the words that lead up to it. That means by the time they reach the end of the board, they’ll have read all the words!

I hope your readers love using these activities before and after winter break!


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CVC word activities
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