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My Top 5 Word Work Activities

Amanda and I started blogging over at Who’s Who and Who’s New– it is a collaborative blog which includes lots of fabulous bloggers- go check it out, if you haven’t yet! I posted this a few weeks ago on there, but wanted to share it on here as well, just in case you missed it.
I use lots of different ideas week after week, but these are my top five that keep making an appearance, day after day.  

One of the main reasons these activities stick around in my classroom is because they work and are super simple to implement each day! Below are a few ways that I use these handy little tools to help my little readers become better each day at reading new words.


Thanks to TeachingSuperPower for the graphics and Hello Literacy for the fonts!
Have a great day!


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  1. The magnets are on magnet strips…I LOVE using them! They take up very little space and don't cost a whole lot…I think those ones I have in the picture are from the Container Store, but I've also gotten some from IKEA and the dollar section in Target. Hope that helps! 🙂

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