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Evernote Tutorial Part 1: How to set up notes to track student progress!

Well, I know it’s taken me quite awhile to write this post since my initial post on how I use Evernote in my classroom to track student progress, but I really wanted to make this super informative so you can hopefully get going easily on setting your own up for your classroom!  I was so thrilled with all the interest other teachers showed on my original post and I’m happy to share more specifics today to get you started.

Since I’m a reading specialist, I use Evernote to track my little friends’ progress in guided reading; however, as a classroom teacher, I would use this for any other subject as well.  Once you get your notes set up for guided reading, I think you might want to try it out for math (or any other subject as well)…because I think you’re going to love it that much!

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Ok, so here we go….and I know this is a lot, but once you get going with it, everything will hopefully make sense and be relatively simple.  And, like I’ve said before, for me it’s really made a difference in daily tracking of progress of my little friends! Plus once you do the initial set up here which may take you a little time, all you do is copy & paste and then you will be able to use this as a tracking tool all year long and really shouldn’t need to do much adjusting! This is Part 1…just getting yours set up- I will do another tutorial showing how to add pictures of student work and audio recordings all from one note someday soon!  You can view all the steps listed below also in PDF format- please download here!



Woohoo, now you have an account, so go ahead and get started with your first note/notebook!




You can create checklists in two different ways.  The first way is directly in your Note. The second way is through Word. Check out both options below!



If you would like to use my checklists that I created, you can download them here from Dropbox. You will then be able to just copy and paste the tables into Evernote- add checkboxes and you’ll be all set! (When you first view the document, the fonts will look different on all but the first page, but you can then download two free fonts if you want it to look like mine does below…instructions are in the download.) Enjoy!


I hope this helps you figure out how to set up Evernote for your classroom!

I’m a day late, but I’m linking this up with the amazing Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tuesday Tried It! I’m just so excited for the linky to be back- I had to join in. 🙂

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Have a great day!


Aylin Claahsen

Aylin Claahsen

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  1. Thank you so much! I was looking at this on my own after a summer PD day. I wasn't sure if I could do it but after this, I am pretty sure I can. Thanks for sharing.

  2. THANK YOU so much for doing this. I went back and reloaded Evernote after your original post. I am so excited that you gave us a tutorial. I'm going to go drag it into Draggo right now to access when it gets closer to time for me to use this. You ROCK!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I just downloaded Evernote on my Ipad thinking it would help organize me. I wasn't even thinking about students. I am a reading specialist too who has just started to blog. Thanks for this freebie, and I look for the others to come!

  4. Thank you so much. I really hadn't even heard of Evernote before your blog and I must say I love it. I just did a basic supplies checklist to get started and I used it during open house last night. It was amazing. Somehow it was even easier than using pencil and paper. I used the checklist, and it didn't feel like I was being pulled away from all of the lovely students and families who had come in to meet me. Thank you. I am sure I will find a hundred other uses now that I know how easy this was!

  5. I used Evernote for my class last year. 🙂 I loved it! I would love the checklist for guided reading. When I clicked to download through DropBox, it states that the file has either been moved or deleted. Can you please share that again? Thanks!

  6. Hi Mrs. Harbron! Sorry about that- glad you mentioned that it was no longer showing up- I moved my files around a little bit ago and didn't realize this one wasn't active anymore- it should work when you click now! Hope it makes Evernote even more fabulous for you. 🙂

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