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High Frequency Words Activities

Readers can improve their reading abilities by frequently doing high frequency words activities. They need repeated practice with high frequency words so that it becomes natural from them to recognize and read the words, in context. By including a variety of high frequency words activities in your rotation, readers continue to be engaged in practicing the words. You can also easily switch out the high frequency words focused on, as students progress. Read on for three high frequency words activities to implement right away!

1. Identify high frequency words

high frequency words activities


The goal is for students to practice reading and writing high frequency words. Follow the steps below for frequent high frequency words activities. This will help students improve their knowledge of the high frequency words.

  1. Students write down a list of high frequency words they are working on.
  2. Read through all the high frequency words together, pointing to each one.
  3. You state a word, students use an object to identify that word. 
  4. Repeat with all the words.
Irregularly Spelled High Frequency Words

Students will come across irregularly spelled high frequency words. To help them remember these more challenging words, teach them how to identify what makes the words irregular. The letter/letters identified are the parts of the word that aren’t easily decodable.

Choose an object, like a pom pom, shown below. Students can place that object above the unusual part of the irregularly spelled high frequency word. 

This helps them visually make note of what is different about the spelling of the word.

high frequency words activities

2. Sentence Writing with high frequency Words

high frequency words activities
IMG 3652 jpg scaled

It’s important for readers to practice using their high frequency words in sentences. This is just one additional high frequency word activity that can help readers master the words.

Students will choose 1-2 words. Then they will write down a sentence using those words. They will place objects under the high frequency words chosen, in the sentences. This acts as a visual identifier of the words they are focusing on in each sentence. When they read the sentence, after writing, the words will pop out at them with the visual identifier. 

They can also go back to their first page of written words and place the objects on those words to show they’ve been used. Students will repeat this until all words have been used. 

Once all words have been used, readers can read all their sentences out loud, and then to a partner.


Check out all these high frequency words activities in video form below!

3. Colorful Word Writing and Sentences

IMG 3650 jpg scaled

Kids love using colorful, smelly markers. And, with good reason- they are just so fun! As a follow up step, I like to allow kids to practice writing their words with smelly markers. They are instantly excited and ready to go when smelly markers are involved!

Try out this high frequency words activity for some additional practice with extra tricky words:

  1. Students pick one word that is extra challenging for them.
  2. Using a variety of colors, students will write the word a handful of times.
  3. Grabbing the matching marker, students will then write a sentence next to each word.
  4. Next step- students will read each word and sentence out loud.
  5. Follow up: Trade notebooks with another student working on similar words. Students can then read each other’s colorful words and sentences. 
If you are looking for a few more high frequency words activities, check out this blog post here!
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