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K-5 Useful Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets

I’m so excited to share these Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets with you! With Kindergarten to 5th Grade students in mind, your students are going to love reading these reading comprehension passages. I firmly believe that kids can have a big impact on helping protect planet earth. These Earth Day themed reading passages can help students read and discover ways they can do their part. Read on to see all that is included in the Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets for your Kindergarten- 5th Grade readers.

Earth Day Reading Passages

Consider your small groups lesson plans done for April 22nd with the help of these Earth Day reading passages! For your early readers, you’ll be able to use the Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets as an Earth Day activity. Your readers are going to love the fun activities they get to complete with each passage. Their reading confidence will also be boosted as they build their decoding skills through the warm up, actual reading, and follow up activities. Each passage comes with focus words, encouraging statements, comprehension questions, and a follow up word work activity. 

The K-2 Earth Day Reading Passages include these topics:

  • Recycling- cans, bottles, paper
  • Planting trees and flowers
  • Taking care of the earth

Steps for the Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets:

  1. Students will first practice reading (or repeating your reading) of the focus words. 
  2. Next, students will read the passage.
  3. As a follow up activity, students will focus on their writing skills when replying to each comprehension question.
  4. In the final step students will highlight or circle the focus words from the text.
  5. If there is additional time to fill, students can color in the pictures.

Extension Activities:

  • You can also use these passages to focus on fluency. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’m always eager to share ways to incorporate fluency into your daily activities. Once students have gone through the Earth Day themed reading passages, they can then do repeated readings of the short passages. These can be done as an independent work activity or with a partner. 
  • Students will likely learn a new vocabulary term in each reading comprehension passage that is related to Earth Day. You can use their newfound knowledge to have further discussions about Earth Day following their completion of the Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets. You could consider making writing prompts using the vocabulary words learned to extend their understanding of the vocabulary term. For example, they can explain what they might do to help take care of our planet earth. 

Your Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students are sure to enjoy these Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets. You can grab the Earth Day reading passages for less than $3! 

Oh and if you don’t have time to add these into your lesson plans in April, consider sending them home for reading comprehension practice! 

Earth Day Nonfiction Reading Passages

For your 3rd grade students, 4th grade students, and 5th grade students, I have three nonfiction reading passages that connect directly to Earth Day. You’re going to be so excited to see your students building their reading comprehension skills as they work through each nonfiction passage. With the specific themes of the upper elementary Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets, your students will be engrossed in the informational texts. If you’re looking for a comprehension resource that you can just print and use with your third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade students, these nonfiction passages are a great way to build comprehension skills.

Themes of Upper elementary Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets:

  • Compost
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Conservation

Students will learn detailed information about each of these topics in the themed reading passages. They will also have a better understanding of how they can help planet earth. Written at a 5th Grade reading level, each nonfiction passage comes with a follow up page of written comprehension questions. An answer key is also included for all the comprehension questions so that you can easily check students’ responses. You can use these themed reading passages in small groups, for independent work, or to send home for additional reading comprehension passages practice. These also work great for homeschool use if you’re looking for a way for students to focus on main idea of a nonfiction passage. 

While these passages are written at Levels T-V, your students don’t need to be in 5th Grade to read them. You can work on reading through the texts together for complete understanding of the nonfiction reading comprehension passages. 

These Earth Day reading comprehension passages each come with:

  • Vocabulary Page
  • Leveled passage in a one page and two page format
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Answer Key

Once students complete their reading and comprehension questions, you may want to extend their critical thinking skills by having them write up ideas for things they can do moving forward. While some of the passages focus on renewable resources, you may find out that students have their own ideas to share about present day climate change, environmental awareness, and renewable energy, for example. These Earth Day reading comprehension worksheets are sure to lead to engaging discussions amongst your students. 

Your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will build their nonfiction reading literacy skills while reading these themed reading passages. These passages are a fun way to incorporate informational text as well as a meaningful activity for citing text evidence when responding to comprehension questions.

You can grab the upper elementary Earth Day reading comprehension passages to print out and use with your students right away! These are so worth the $3 you’ll spend!

More Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Want more reading comprehension worksheets, or want to try out some samples of these primary and upper elementary passages? Grab these free I am a Reader passages for your K-2 students. You can also grab these free upper elementary comprehension passages for your 3rd-5th Grade students. 

If you’re looking for additional nonfiction passages and activities to use with nonfiction texts… Check out my Nonfiction Text Engagement blog post for fun activities to do with your nonfiction resources. As always I hope you and your students love these reading passages. 

The concept of Earth Day is near and dear to my heart so writing these engaging passages is especially important to me as a way to share how we can help our planet earth! 

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