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A Diverse Classroom Library

Why Diversity is Needed

Not only is it important that students see themselves in books, but it’s also important for kids to get a more global view of children around the world. Students need to be made aware that not everyone looks like them. From different hairstyles, to different skin colors and features, kids need to recognize and appreciate these differences.

Including books in your classroom that feature a variety of characters, from all different backgrounds is so important. Broadening the minds of all students, while also making all students feel welcome in your room, these types of books are a must.

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What Can You Do?

  • Take an inventory of what books are currently in your classroom library. See what types of books you already have in your library. Which races are represented in your books? Are BIPOC characters frequently seen in your books? The inclusion of books with BIPOC represented should be in both fiction and non-fiction books. 
  • Once you see which races aren’t represented in your library, do some research. Seek out some new titles that would be good additions to your library. Insta has been a great resource for me when searching for new titles to add to my collection. 
  • Put your new books front and center in your library. Make them part of your rotation, all the time. (See below on ideas for highlighting these texts!) 

Make Your Library Inviting

Not only do you need all sorts of books in your library, but you also need to make the environment inviting. Students need to feel comfortable, welcome in your classroom library. You want students to be excited to sit down in your library. This can be done through featuring specific books. Highlighting titles with characters from different races opens up opportunities for dialogue and meaningful discussions. 

Check out my Book of the Week decor pack for simple ways to incorporate a book feature in your library! 

Accept Everyone

Help your students realize that as a classroom you will be aware of differences and accept everyone for those differences. Books can open our eyes to a world we don’t know on our own. When providing insight to students about other children outside of their direct world, you are encouraging them to be open-minded. Acceptance is incredibly important and needs to be taught!

What other titles do you recommend?

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