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Distance Learning: Using Passages

Distance Learning Differences

Distance learning looks different based on the school you’re at. I wanted to share some ideas of how teachers are using my passages to help keep their students reading while they aren’t in the classroom together. 

Some teachers are using my printable Guided Reading packs, while others are using my Digital Guided Reading packs. For the teachers using my printable Guided Reading packs, some are sending them home in packets. Others, however, are using them online with their students. Regardless of the format of the passages, or the platform, used, these passages are encouraging reading at home during a difficult time. Read on to see if any of these ideas may work for you and your students as well!

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Guided Reading Passages

Printing the PDF

My Guided Reading passages that are printable are in a PDF format. Since the passages are just one page and include comprehension questions, it’s simple to print them off and send home. Some schools are mailing packs to students, others are having parents pick up those packets. 

With each level covered from Pre-A-Z, there is something for every single reader. Teachers feel better knowing their students have a chance to continue reading texts at their independent reading level while at home. If parents are around and able to provide some guidance, teachers can provide students with the passages at the instructional level. 

Using the PDF with Technology

Since the format is a PDF, some teachers are choosing to post the passages on a password-protected site or emailing them to parents. (Both of these are currently allowed with my temporarily edited Terms of Use.) 

Instead of sending the entire pack at once, teachers are able to save just a few pages of the PDF at a time to then share with students or their families. You can check out this video to walk you through how to do so. This allows teachers to then touch base with students after they read each passage. Responses to comprehension questions can be discussed, as well. 

Using various Platforms and Apps

Other teachers are also using my printable PDFs to share with students via apps like SeesawZoom , Google Meet or Canvas. Teachers are sharing their screens to show the passage while listening to students read. Or, they may simply be sharing out links to the passages to then be read by students. (I’m not promoting any of these, merely sharing what I know has been working for teachers.) 

Within Seesaw, teachers are posting the links to the passages and then having students read, record and then respond right on the app. Zoom also allows students to view the passage and read for the teacher to hear. These are platforms that help students share what they’re practicing with their teacher. It gives them a little bit of structure, while helping them still maintain their reading talents, or even improve. 

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Digital Guided Reading Passages

The simplest way to use these passages is by sharing the Google Slides links. This can simply be done by assigning within Google Classroom. However, some schools don’t use Google Classroom. This doesn’t mean your students can’t use these digital passages. You can still share the link to the passages with students. 

Sharing the Files

Similar to the printable PDF format, some teachers are sharing these via Seesaw, or opening them up on Zoom, while sharing their screen. If shared as a link, the passages and moveable pieces should still work on Seesaw, as they open within Google Slides, on there. If shared as a PDF on Seesaw, then the moveable pieces portion of the interactive comprehension questions won’t work. However, students can still verbally share their answers or show an adult where each piece would go. 

A Few Helpful Links

Last week I shared how to break up the passages so you can just share one at a time, vs all the passages. You can check out that post here

Here is a video that shows how to open up the Google Slides resources within Seesaw. Here is an article explaining how to do this as well.

Also, don’t forget the free samples to test out yourself with your students!

Being creative right now is key to help readers continue to practice reading! These may not be ideal ways to complete reading activities with your students, but what’s most important is that they’re still reading.

Any Other Ideas

If you’ve been using any of my passages in a different way, please leave a comment or email me.I’d love to know how you’ve been using them. This will help other teachers who have been looking to try something with their students as well!

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