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Word Work: Silent e Ideas

Help Readers SEE Silent e

Often when students are reading words in or out of context, they are just trying to finish. When doing so, they are rushing over important clues words are providing. Silent e is one part of a word that readers may not pay attention to. When not noticing silent e before trying to read a word, they are likely to mix up the first vowel sound in the word.

As a teacher, you can help your students spot the silent e before trying to read the word. Below are two ideas for word work that will help readers really focus on silent e.

Silent e Word Work Ideas

Quiet Bitmoji

Your Bitmoji can bring some real engagement into a lesson. I used mine with these sound boxes. As the visual shows, readers are saying a sound for each box with a black circle under it, but remaining silent for the last box. This last box has silent e in it, so the visual acts as a reminder to not make a sound. 

To recreate this:

  • Make pages with at least four sound boxes. 
  • Put a black circle under the first three boxes.
  • Put your “quiet” Bitmoji under the last box.

That’s it! Now your students can practice reading words without making a sound for the last letter. This Bitmoji visual reminds them before they start reading to change the first vowel sound.

IMG 3160

Green and Red Dots

The green and red dots on these cards represent “go” and “stop” colors. When readers see the visual clue of a green sticker versus a red sticker, they know to either make a sound or keep quiet.

To recreate these:

  • Make sound boxes- 4 or 5 boxes.
  • Add green circles under all boxes, except the last. 
  • Place a red circle under the last box.

You’re all set! Stickers work well for these, but you can simply draw the circles as well. This is another great way to get readers to practice being silent for e at the end of words. It also provides them with the reminder to change the first vowel sound, before reading.

IMG 3155
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