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Top 5 Word Work Materials

Engaging Word Work

If you’re looking to switch up your word work routines this year, I’ve got a Top 5 List for you which hopefully will add some new pep to your word work activities! Word work can become monotonous for readers (and you) so one way to make it more engaging throughout the year is by simply switching up the materials used. Kiddos often get very excited to try out a new manipulative, or reuse one that they haven’t used in a while. Continue reading to check out the ones I currently recommend for your classroom! 

These materials can be used for identifying letter names and sounds, making words, breaking words down to smaller parts, changing just one part of word, etc. 

1. These letter blocks are way too fun! They can be stacked or laid out, but either way, they’re extra engaging because of their block form. They can even be used in a STEM bin for some letter/word building towers! I grabbed mine from Amazon- you can check them out here!

IMG 2346

2. These wooden pieces can be formed into letters (as well as numbers and shapes). Such a hands on manipulative- these really get kiddos thinking while working on their letters. These are another great addition to a STEM bin. Got these on Amazon- check them out here!

IMG 2013

3. Kids’ Plates and whatever letters you have are perfect for separating onset and rime. These serve as a great visual for kiddos who aren’t understanding how words can be broken down into smaller parts. These plates are sold as singles or a small set in the kids dinnerware section at Target!

IMG 0181

4. Kwik Stix and those little books from Target allow kids to personalize their word work by having their very own book and colors of their choosing for paint markers. Best part- these paint markers aren’t messy at all! Readers have a lot of fun adding their own spin on things. This is one way for them to individualize their word work. Choosing their own colors can help students take ownership of their work. I found mine on Amazon- check them out here!

IMG 2347

5. Popsicle sticks and puffy stickers are great for getting students to identify each sound in a word. Readers push down on each sticker when identify each sound in a word. These won’t last forever, but you can have readers create their own stick for another personalized manipulative. I got these stickers from Target, but you can typically find small puffy stickers in many stores!

IMG 0178
pinterst images on laptop.001

Hope you are able to grab some of these materials and try them out with your readers!

Happy reading!


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