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Guided Reading

As I often mention, I spend nearly my entire day doing guided reading groups, and I love it! I love that I get to work with so many different readers and a huge variety of levels, from Pre A-R (that’s a lot of levels!!!), throughout the day. 
I learn so much about each child as a reader through each guided reading lesson. I find out which strategies my readers are using to figure out challenging words. I see them interact with the text and have good/bad reactions to something a character does. I watch them build words or break down words during our word work time. Most importantly, I watch them grow as readers! My daily goal is not only to help all my students become better readers, but also to help them become confident readers. 
I use a variety of sources for my guided reading groups. From Reading A-Z online stories, to actual books, to my own passages. There are so many different leveling systems out there…if you pick up a random book, it may have some sort of number or letter on it. I use this correlation chart from Learning A-Z when using a variety of resources for leveled text. I can see just how each level correlates. I love that it has everything laid out in one spot. You can download it here!
This chart from Fountas & Pinnell via Heinemann has also been super helpful to guide me as to where my students should be at what point in the year. Though it can be daunting at times, it is also good to have an idea of where students are at and just how far they have come throughout the year. You can also download it here!

My Guided Reading Passages Packs have been a HUGE help for all my readers. Each leveled pack includes 15 passages, lesson plans and running records. I love using them as an extra way to see how all my readers are doing.

The lesson plans have been so helpful in allowing me to always be prepared for our guided reading time. Not one second is wasted on thinking…hm…what should we do next!


My little readers take such pride in their own Guided Reading folders. They love having their very own set of stories that they can read each day.


I just love how their pictures come out at the lower levels- I have some amazing artists!


I also love how much my little readers engage with the text. They aren’t just reading- they are truly paying attention to the text and commenting as they read.


My higher readers continue to impress me with their ability to break down 3-4 syllable words- they use their fix-up strategies whenever needed to figure out a challenging word.


These running records have helped me learn and document more about each reader. I’m able to identify exactly what word pattern is stumping them or which sight words they keep switching. I use these weekly to help figure out if they are ready to move on or need to continue with the same level.


Here’s a little video to give you a closer look at how I use these passages in my guided reading groups!

I have each level individually on TPT- you can check them all out here! Or…if you are like me and work with kids with lots of different levels, click the links below to see all my bundles- you can save 20-30% this way! 🙂 In the previews of each of the smaller bundles, I also included a freebie sampler  for you to try out- you can try a leveled lesson plan, passage and running record!

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Thanks to Teaching Super Power for the fun graphics and From the Pond for the fonts!
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  1. These packets are absolutely the best! I appreciate all the hard work you put into creating these! One of the best if not the best products on TPT!

  2. I have the a-d bundle and I am in love. This is one of the best packs that I have purchased for guided reading. Great resource!!

  3. I love love love your passages!! I use a wide range of resources, as well. But your passages have been a great help. And my students enjoy them because they are interesting!
    Thank you for your work!

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